Sum Sum Yip

Crown Diamond

Success Motto︰You don't have to save someone to be a hero; when you bring others courage and positive energy, you are a hero.

Before joining Young Living, Sum Sum was a secondary school English teacher and has a single child, Titus. Five years later, Sum Sum has become a team leader with nearly 10,000 members where there are silver leaders in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. How exactly did Young Living transform Sum Sum from a teacher into a crown-diamond leader with three children? It turned out to be closely related to her childhood experience.


Since her childhood, Sum Sum has been educated by her mother and trained in traditional girls' schools for many years. In the eyes of everyone, she is a well-behaved "good girl". Although her mother didn't understand English, she even couldn't recognize the 26 letters, she could train her daughter to become a secondary school English teacher. To achieve this, in addition to Sum Sum's personal efforts, her mother's belief that learning English well can improve the lives of the next generation, laying the foundation stone for Sum Sum to become an English teacher after graduation. Faith can make the impossible possible, and Sum Sum is showing this belief again in Young Living career.


Although there are no Christian relatives or friends in Sum Sum family, she was baptized in her teens and became a Catholic. To become a Catholic also requires determination and action. Fortunately, her traditional mother had no objections at that time, otherwise she would have difficulty in her religion. From this incident, she understood that even if it is a loved one, different thoughts will inevitably occur, and harmony and difference can be achieved, and the relationship can be long-lasting. Just like on the journey of Young Living, you will definitely meet friends with different opinions, and you should be glad to be right as a leader.


Sum Sum always thought that when an English teacher met a Physical Education teacher, her life after marriage would be easy and simply. Although the teacher's work is hard and the pressure is quite heavy, at least she has a calm and happy feeling in her heart! However, life is so mysterious and so unpredictable, as the Bible states, "God never promised that the sky is always blue." The incident of Titus was like a sudden flood. She almost drowned herself and took her to the deepest part of the ocean. If so, in the bottom of the ocean, she did not hear the cry of Titus, did not hear the story of other strong mothers, you did not have a firm conviction, it is likely that she could not afford to sink, and there was no core that everyone knows today.


Vivian Wan, one of her dear primary and secondary schoolmates recommended Young Living essential oils to her one day. After using the products, Sum Sum found that the oils worked well, and began to introduce it to friends. Because “products can talk”, she soon developed a small essential oil user team.


Because of Titus's condition, Sum Sum quit her teacher's job and took care of him wholeheartedly. She took time to take a doctorate course in naturopathy in the evening. Her goal was to take care of her son's health by herself. Out of her expectation, some of her friends also started to believe in naturopathy, slowly changed from doubt to acceptance, from acceptance to belief, and from belief to willingness to share. At the same time, her team is also growing. Sum Sum is grateful to everyone in her team. They are learning and working step by step, from joining to becoming team leaders, supporting each other during Young Living's journey, encouraging each other, and always giving out the core value of Sum Sum team “spreading positive energy to people around us”.


In recent years, Young Living has been continuously developing other Asian markets, and Sum Sum has also taken advantage of this rare opportunity to follow the company's vision of "Bringing Young Living to every family in the world." She went to China, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea and other places to open up markets and share products with different people. After a lot of hard work, thanks to the outstanding products of Young Living, team leaders emerged one after one in these districts.


Last but not least, Sum Sum would like to thank the founders of Young Living, D. Gary Young and Mary Young, for establishing the loving company of Young Living; also thank Tyler Williams, the former general manager of Greater China, for their past contributions to the Hong Kong market; special thanks to the Hong Kong and Macau markets General Manager Abbie Cheung and a group of Young Living elite partners under her leadership have enabled Young Living to thrive in Hong Kong; thank her husband Samson Cheung for loving and supporting her all the way, becoming the strongest back up for her achievement in Young Living career; most thankful to every leader in her team, especially Diamond Leader Phoebe Li, Diamond Leader Angel Au, Platinum Leader Catherine Cheung, Platinum Leader Sharon Man, Platinum Leader Yuen Yi Wong and Taiwan Platinum Leader Sophia Tseng, she can’t achieve it without their love and dedication.