Phoebe Ying


Success Motto︰Do ​​everything with your best endeavours and with all your heart. Strive to become a valuable person.

Phoebe was a music educator who owned her own studio. Due to her son’s development needs, she gave up her career and became a full-time mother. In the eyes of others, she had an easy life and a happy family, however, she was deeply distressed and worried by her son's growth and development as well as her personal health condition.  


She started constantly researching various natural remedies, and have been deeply impressed with YL essential oils since 2015. However, Phoebe was biased against direct selling companies and never thought about developing YL as her career. As a user, her pure intention was to help others and share it with those in need! 


Until January 2017, Phoebe went to the bottom of her life due to her son’s problems and her emotions. Fortunately, essential oils and YL products had improved the situation drastically. Phoebe realized that her life could not live without YL products. Since then, she became open and proactive sharing her experience on YL products to others.  


In September 2017, she visited YL Farm in the State and had gained deeper knowledge about the company and its products. She had witnessed and impressed YL’s high quality production process. She felt fortunate to have heard Gary and Mary sharing their enthusiasm and stories in person. She was deeply moved by it. Her personal experience together with her confidence in the products have made her decided to develop this interest into a career. 


Phoebe expressed that: “Although I decided to develop a YL career, I am not a person who blindly believes. I spent a lot of time searching for answers. I also visited different YL farms to seek the truth in person and study many related certificate courses. YL’s high quality is unsurpassed, which gives me confidence. I also unreservedly educate my team members with what I have learned and experienced. “ 


For Phoebe, developing YL as her career path has not been an easy one, transforming from her "artist" temperament and "solo” work model into a completely different work setting.  


She added: “My career in YL is like a child starting from a kindergarten, learning from the principles of life, art of speaking, social skills to team-working, personal development, managing difficult situations and challenges, letting go of unnecessary and negative thoughts, leaping forward and so on! Thank you Thanks Maggie for reminding me at any time. Here I learned a lot of valuable lessons which are very important to my growth and transformation in life. Of course, the process requires courage to jump out of the comfort zone and learn with an open mind. My biggest driving force comes from seeing others’ improvement after using YL’s products and that includes my sons!" 


Phoebe hopes to lead by example and be a role model for his sons. Now she has successfully transformed and found her own value, because YL's career has broaden her horizon, she has the opportunity to visit different countries to communicate with members, experience YL's unique farm experience, actively participate in charity foundation activities. Her sincerity has gained her great reputation and popularity. Also friendships and trust by all her members. “I feel very grateful to have found a career that can make myself and others to have a meaningful life with abundance. “ 


 "Now my goal in life is not limited to the vision of being a housewife. My hope is to continue to learn and bring essential oils to every family with my mission, so that people can live a healthy and non-toxic life. My wish is to pass it on, and empower the weak and in needed, and be able to give back to society!" 


Phoebe would like to take this opportunity to thank Heavenly Father, family, friends, and her team for their love and support! Special thanks to every member of the team! “I am grateful to Gary and Mary for their lifelong efforts and perseverance, as well as the joint efforts of all YL administration and frontline colleagues.”