Ada Chan



“What’s the most important thing in life?”  Ada didn’t even have time to think about that question as she was being chased by a hectic lifestyle. Luckily, she saw the light and answer to this a few years back – it was HAPPINESS!  To Ada, happiness means achieving an equilibrium between 3 elements: Health, Freedom, and Family. Her target is to attain ultimate happiness and to share with as many people as possible.

Between these 3 elements, Ada finds health being the most important. Nothing can be accomplished without health. Being healthy can be defined in a physical way (free from sickness) and a mental way (positive and stress-free state of mind).


Freedom is to have control of her time to spend on things she loves, visit places she wants to go.


Family is being together with loved ones, spending enjoyable moments and building memories together. Ada feels blessed to possess all these now, thanks to Young Living.


Ada fortunately came across Young Living during Christmas in 2014 when her good friend Michelle introduced her to Young Living essential oils. Curiosity drove Ada to explore more about essential oils, supplements, and health by reading tons of articles and books. To expand her knowledge, she even acquired credentials on aromatherapy in the US and China within 3 months. To better understand the culture and to experience Young Living’s famous Seed-to-Seal process, she visited 6 Young Living farms in the next 4 years. She made good use of her knowledge on natural products and took action to improve the health of her family members and friends. When friends asked what she has done, she always shares her knowledge whole-heartedly on how one can achieve a chemical free lifestyle.


Ada was an investment banker for many years. Though successful, she treated that as just a job. Things changed until she met Young Living, a company she trusts from the bottom of her heart. The key of course is the good fortune to come across a trust-worthy company. Ada found Young Living to be a sound company with 25 years of history, healthy corporate culture, with genuine intentions. Now she feels grateful and blessed to be able to share the secret to success with many friends around her as well.


Young Living is a place where people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle converge. Ada deeply believes that anyone who loves essential oils or natural products, cares about health, and have the heart to share with others selflessly and systematically what they know and learnt, will inevitably build a close and healthy team. As sharing becomes a habit and attitude, one will be set on the path of health, time and freedom, and overall abundance naturally. To Ada, the ultimate inspiration from Young Living is that a person’s success is not based on how much one possesses, but how many people one can positively influence and help.