Michelle Liu


Success Motto︰Work Hard, Play Hard. Nothing is Impossible

What mothers care the most is children’s health and happiness, and Michelle is one of them. Having three kids her own, her story with Young Living started because of her imminent need for children’s health. “My three boys were always sick few years back and I felt burnt out of it. Out of desperation, I started to find possible alternatives to support our health. That was the time when I first experienced Young Living.”

Michelle didn’t know much about essential oils back then, so she learned from experts and obtained associated certificates. Even though she herself experienced the high-quality products and their benefits, her negative perception about network marketing stopped her from sharing. She could only share with her closest friends and didn’t turn it into business.

Her Young Living journey completely changed when she joined the Winter Harvest. “I truly felt the uniqueness of Young Living when I had the chance to cut the woods, distilled, bottled and sealed Balsam Fir Oil myself. I am proud to be a YL member. It is more than building a business, but to love and give. Gary Young’s passion and vision also touched Michelle and drove her to build her own YL team.

As an entrepreneur in parenting and education, Michelle has established different businesses which have involved high investment costs over the years, and what she has devoted to her business --- time, effort and pressure might not lead to what she could earn. However, Young Living is completely different. “Young Living provides considerable flexibility to me so that I can build my business anywhere in this world, while I can still put my family first. This is the opportunity I can never find out there.”

After building her team, Michelle gets to travel and meet YL members worldwide. Because of her broadened horizon, her world is bigger. “I meet people around the world. I have enough time to be with my family. I enjoy what I do. I am as sound as bell and cares about choosing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

There is no exception when it comes feeling lost or frustrated on your way to success. Michelle constantly encourages herself, builds the team and keeps in good shape. It is never easy, but her goal is clearer day by day, which helps her focus on her YL business and help team members to succeed.

Speaking of leadership, Michelle has her own tips. “The secret is to consistently give and share. You have to help and lead your members with all your heart, accept their differences, strengths and flaws, inspire them and never stop learning.”

Michelle appreciates Royal Crown Diamond Leader Joanne Kan and Gretchen King for their inspiration, Tyler Williams, Former Greater China Country Manager of Young Living, for his great work in operation enhancements in Hong Kong, Royal Crown Diamond Leader Vivian Wan for providing resources to her team, Royal Crown Diamond Korbut Wong for inviting her to the Young Living family.
“My life goal is to give and inspire people around. “Michelle hopes she can keep sharing Young Living with those who will eventually understand what real high-quality oils are, and lead them to healthy, balanced and toxin-free lifestyle, along with her faith.