Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in essential oils, announced the promotion of Mary Young as its new Chief Executive Officer. Gary Young has voluntarily resigned as CEO so that he can pursue his many interests, entrusting his wife to lead the future growth of the company. Mary’s vast background in network marketing and her love for the industry, make this an exciting opportunity for her. Mary’s experience as a distributor for 10 years and her 20 years as a corporate executive have prepared her for this new opportunity with Young Living.

Gary looks forward to continuing his life’s work in wellness and having more time to focus on writing books and sharing his extensive knowledge of essential oils with the world. He will also continue to focus his time and energy on his family, philanthropic and civic initiatives including global peace, world health, and community giving.

"What started over two decades ago as a personal passion for both Gary and I has grown into a worldwide company committed to transforming the lives of millions," said Mary Young. "Prior to launching Young Living with Gary, I established and grew my own successful direct selling business. This experience has led to a 'member first' mindset for Young Living and continues to shape our culture and policies. My love of the Young Living lifestyle has played a vital role in bringing the mission and benefits of Young Living to the world."

More than three million people use Young Living products globally. Mary has been an integral part of this growth and has led by example, as she has dedicated much of her time to helping others reach their goals.

“We have more new products, partnerships, and exciting opportunities to pursue than ever before, Mary continued. “I will lead the Young Living team on a continued path of wellness, purpose and abundance."

With the promotion of Mary to CEO, Young Living is now the largest female owned and operated company in Utah.

"We have many plans in store and will roll out new and exciting opportunities for our members and employees,” said Mary Young. “Young Living will always be the best source of quality essential oils and oil-infused products, and we are thrilled to experience and watch the next exciting chapter of Young Living unfold.”

About Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living Essential Oils, LC is the world leader in essential oils with a strict Seed to Seal process to produce pure essential oil products for every individual, family, and lifestyle. This process ensures that all products are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and pure. This commitment stems from the company’s twenty years of stewardship towards the earth and its people. For more information, visit:
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[猶他州 Lehi 市訊] [2015 年 6 月 25 日] – 全球精油龍頭廠商 Young Living Essential Oils 日前宣布 Mary Young 女士即將榮升該公司新任執行長的好消息。原執行長 Gary Young 自願引退,並將領導公司成長的重任交棒給其夫人 Mary Young 女士,以追求其個人志趣。

Mary 擁有豐富的網路行銷經驗以及濃厚產業熱忱,對她而言絕對是大顯身手的最佳舞台。過去她曾任經銷商長達 10 年,並擔任公司高階主管達 20 年之久,豐碩的經驗累積足以擔當 Young Living 賦予的新重任。

在此同時,Gary 將可望延續他推廣健康福祉的終生志趣,同時也更能專注於寫作,與全球人士分享多彩多姿的精油知識。此外,他也會繼續把時間和精力投注在家庭和各項慈善與公民活動上,包括世界和平、全球衛生和社區分享等等。

「二 十年前 Gary 和我基於個人熱情創辦的公司,現已茁壯為矢志改善百萬人生活的全球志業」,Mary Young 表示。「在與 Gary 創立 Young Living 之前,我曾成立並發展個人的直銷業務;這段經驗正是 Young Living『成員至上』思維的起點,同時也會繼續影響我們的文化和方針。而我對 Young Living 生活方式的熱愛,也是我們向世界傳播 Young Living 使命與優勢的重要後盾。」

現在,全球 Young Living 產品的愛用者已超過三百萬人。在這傲人的成長數字背後,Mary 的貢獻功不可沒,而且她也以身作則,投入大量時間協助他人達成目標。

「我 們現在研發的新產品、新合作關係和精彩商機都更勝以往」,Mary 表示,「在我的領導下,Young Living 團隊將朝身心健康、堅定意志和富足充裕的道路上持續前進。」Mary 榮升執行長後,Young Living 已成為猶他州由女性所擁有並執掌的最大公司。

「我們訂妥許多計劃,也將會為成員和員工推出全新的精彩商機」,Mary Young 說。「Young Living 將永遠是高品質精油和浸泡油產品的最佳來源。能親自體驗並目睹 Young Living 展開新頁,實在是令人興奮莫名!」

關於 Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living Essential Oils, LC 是全球高品質精油的領導廠商,標榜嚴格的 Seed to Seal (由種子培育到產品封裝) 流程,能為個人、家庭和生活風格打造最純淨可靠的精油產品。透過這套流程,我們能確保所有產品都純正天然、不含人工合成化學物質且純淨無暇,而這也是公司 過去二十年來持續呵護地球及人類所秉持的不變承諾。如需更多資訊,請造訪
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