Royal Crown Diamond

Norhidawati Abdul Aziz


Norhidawati Abdul Aziz—Teacher Watie to her friends—discovered her love for Young Living essential oils in 2014. Realizing the positive impact the oils had on herself, her family, friends, and playgroup clients, she fully immersed herself in sharing her passion for oils with others.

She was the first leader from Malaysia to receive the Platinum in 5 award through the Elite Express program. Not long afterward, through countless hours of work and continuous effort, she achieved Diamond rank after only eight months as a Platinum leader. Her unstoppable passion for sharing the benefits of essential oils fueled her rapid rise to a series of firsts—becoming Malaysia’s first Crown Diamond and then Royal Crown Diamond. “As a Muslim,” Norhidawati says, “I enjoy being touted as ‘the first Muslim Royal Crown Diamond in a hijab.’ It’s a reference I uphold with utmost endearment.”

For Norhidawati, achieving the pinnacle of Young Living’s leadership cycle is only the beginning. With a global family that spans Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the U.S., the U.K., the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia, she sees a world of opportunities when it comes to bringing the joys of essential oils to every home. When she is not touring, Norhidawati focuses her time on coaching new leaders in her organization so that they can duplicate her model and find their own path to success.

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