Wellness Collection

No matter where you are, these Wellness Essential Oils are perfectly selected to bring comfort and relief whenever you need it most!

This compact, beautiful and versatile Wellness Case holds twelve Wellness Essential Oils and a handy Wellness Information Guide.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional. To share or sell this product compliantly please refer to the Product Information Page found in your Virtual Office.

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Pack Contents

Collection Contents

Wellness Collection includes:

Wellness Case

Beautiful vegan leather carry case with YL gold tag and zipper. It holds sixteen Essential Oils leaving four extra spaces for whatever oil you may want to add.

Wellness Information Guide

A handy Wellness Information Guide, with an index from A to Z, to guide you through using your Wellness Oils. Refer to the Product Claim Pages for full details plus additional Essential Oil cards that you might like to add, to your case.

Twelve Wellness Essential Oils

Discover therapeutic benefits of each of the Wellness Essential Oil included in this collection:

  1. Bergamot Wellness Essential Oil
  2. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of indigestion; pharyngitis; stress and mild anxiety; to help heal mild burns and sunburn; and to support wound healing.

  3. Cedarwood Wellness Essential Oil
  4. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve fatigue and feelings of weakness; as an expectorant to clear respiratory tract mucous; and to relieve symptoms of stress.

  5. Clary Sage Wellness Essential Oil
  6. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea); to regulate and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle; and as an antispasmodic/spasmolytic.

  7. Frankincense Wellness Essential Oil
  8. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve mild upper respiratory tract congestion; to reduce bronchial mucous congestion; and to enhance nerve function.

  9. Ginger Wellness Essential Oil
  10. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve nausea and symptoms of motion sickness; and to relieve the symptoms, severity and to decrease the duration of the common cold.

  11. Lavender Wellness Essential Oil
  12. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve headache symptoms; to relieve colic wind pain; and to relieve mild neuralgia (nerve pain).

  13. Lemon Wellness Essential Oil
  14. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to enhance mental alertness; to relieve nausea; and as a rubefacient to stimulate blood flow to skin.

  15. Lemongrass Wellness Essential Oil
  16. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy as an analgesic to relieve pain and mild rheumatic aches; decrease severity of symptoms of common colds and flu; and reduce duration of common colds.

  17. Orange Wellness Essential Oil
  18. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to relieve constipation; as a nervous system relaxant; to reduce occurrence of symptoms of mild anxiety; and to assist mind and body relaxation.

  19. Peppermint Wellness Essential Oil
  20. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy as an antipyretic/febrifuge to relieve mild fever; and as an analgesic/anodyne to relieve pain, including mild migraine symptoms.

  21. Tea Tree Wellness Essential Oil
  22. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to help relieve symptoms of minor skin wounds; to relieve symptoms of insect bites and stings; to relieve the symptoms of acne.

  23. Ylang Ylang Wellness Essential Oil
  24. Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to help relieve the symptoms and reduce the occurrence of mild anxiety; as an aphrodisiac; and to reduce the symptoms of occasional episodes of gout.