Dewdrop Diffuser

Dewdrop Diffuser

Young Living’s Dewdrop™ Diffuser functions as a humidifier, atomiser and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use product. Inspired by the purity and elegance of a drop of morning dew, the Dewdrop™ Diffuser’s design reflects Young Living’s dedication to providing high-quality essential oils. Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous diffusion, automatic shutoff, and ambient light control, the Dewdrop™ Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere.

The ultrasonic frequency generates waves at 1.7 million times per second, releasing essential oil molecules into the air to help create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office.

Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 190mm

The Dewdrop Diffuser comes with free 5-ml bottles of Lavender and Lemon essential oils.

The free oils mentioned above are not included with diffusers that come in Premium Starter Kits.

How to Use

1. Remove both outer and inner lids.

2. Add water until level reaches, but does not exceed, the red water fill line marker.

3. Add 5-8 drops of essential oil.

4. Replace both lids back onto the unit; align the groove on the outer lid to the notch on the base.

5. Plug the power adaptor into a power outlet.

6. Press the on/off button to switch on.

7. The unit should be producing mist and the LED light should be on. To turn the LED light off and have the diffuser still misting, press the on/off button again. To turn the unit off completely, press the on/off button a third time.

Maximum diffusing time: 4 hours

Light colour: blue

Dewdrop Diffuser
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