The Road to St. Maries

Every wondered how it all began? Journey with us back in time to the Lavender Farm that started the clean-living movement. Gary Young, the visionary founder of Young Living, embarked on a remarkable journey fuelled by his determination and zeal for exploration in pursuit of wellness. His travels to dozens of corners of the globe kindled a deep reservoir of knowledge and inspiration. In 1992, this dedication led him to establish the St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery in Idaho, and subsequently, Young Living Essential Oils in 1994.

In 1985, Gary set out on a mission dedicated to unravelling the secrets of essential oils. Immersing himself in the teachings of esteemed aromatherapists, perfumiers, and historians, he gleaned insights into the wellness potential of essential oils and the ancient and modern art of distillation. The captivating history of these oils, interwoven with the tales of ancient civilisations and rich history that revered their essence, left a memorable impression on Gary.

The Quest for Quality 

Throughout his quest, Gary noticed an unsettling absence in the quality of essential oils available. Driven by his commitment to excellence, he resolved to work exclusively with oils of the utmost potency and purity, leading to the formulation of the exacting standards that now define Young Living’s revered Seed to Seal® quality commitment.

To ensure unmatched quality, Gary and his wife, Mary, took matters into their own hands and established their first lavender farm in St. Maries, Idaho by bringing lavender seeds from Provence, France, and planted them on the 200 acres of land that would become this beautiful farm. Today, the St. Maries, Idaho-based Young Living farm contributes to the production of our famous Lavender essential oil and other aromatic plants.

Gary first purchased the 160 acres that became the St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery in 1992, even before he founded Young Living. After clearing the native trees from the land, he planted Lavandula angustifolia seeds he had brought to the United States from France. Gary and Mary lived on the St. Maries Lavender Farm as he worked to establish the fields and build the distillery.

Supporting Sustainability

In sync with Young Living’s principles, the St. Maries farm and all others in the Young Living family prioritise sustainable practices and community engagement. For instance, the farm transitioned from diesel to propane for its firetube boiler, significantly reducing emissions. Additionally, the farm crew planted 20,000 blue spruce seedlings to support oxygen replenishment. The farm actively educates local students about sustainability efforts, the Seed to Seal quality guarantee, and fair farming practices through high school honours biology programs. The farm also sponsors community events like the Summer Sunset Concert Series, nurturing the bond with its surrounding community.


Through his unwavering passion and commitment, Gary Young established a legacy that continues to enrich lives worldwide, fostering wellness, sustainability, and community engagement through the exceptional offerings of Young Living Essential Oils.

How breathtakingly beautiful is this farm that produces our iconic Lavender essential oil?!

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