We love that there are so many ways to use essential oils. You can add a few drops straight from the bottle for your favorite diffuser recipes, add an infused bath bomb to your nightly soak, or sip a refreshing drink with your favorite Vitality™ oil blend mixed in! For precise applications and using oils on the go, though, nothing beats the convenience of  roll-ons. And did you know you can make a roll-on out of any of our topical oils? It’s easy! Here are our best DIY roll-ons.

All you need is an empty essential oil bottle and one of our AromaGlide Roller Fitments — and your favorite oils, of course. Make sure you read the label of each essential oil for dilution ratios, so you know when you need to add your favorite carrier oil. We love V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex!

If you’re wondering which oils to transform into DIY roll-ons first, here are some of our favorites, just to get the ball rolling!


We love the shivery sweetness of Peppermint essential oil! Peppermint oil creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, making it a favorite for sports massage and an important part of Young Living’s Raindrop Technique®.Peppermint Essential Oil

Dilution ratio: Use a 1:4 ratio of essential oil to carrier oil.

  • Apply the roll-on to your temples when you’re experiencing head tension for a refreshing scent and cooling sensation.
  • After a tough workout, use the roll-on to treat yourself to a cooling post-workout massage.
  • When your day is dragging, use your roll-on to apply Peppermint to your head and neck. Every refreshing breath will inspire you to keep rolling with whatever the day has in store you.


If you love the sweet, floral scent of Lavender essential oil, you’re going to adore having this convenient roll-on ready to use whenever you need a sense of calm in your life.Lavender Essential Oil

Dilution ratio: Dilution not required.

  • Use the roll-on to apply Lavender to your pulse points for a floral fragrance that promotes feelings of calm.
  • Add Lavender to your evening routine. Use the roll-on on the bottoms of your feet for a relaxing foot massage that will help you wind down and prepare for a good night’s rest.
  • Create a custom oil blend of Lavender and Cedarwood essential oil. This warm blend delivers the relaxing, floral scent of Lavender and the sweet, grounding scent of Cedarwood, all rolled into one!

Eucalyptus Radiata

When you have a roll-on of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil in your pocket, it’s like carrying around a breath of fresh air. You’ll want to take this fresh-scented roll-on everywhere!Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil

Dilution ratio: Use a 1:1 ratio of essential oil to carrier oil.

  • Create a custom essential oil blend of Ortho Ease® Massage Oil and Eucalyptus Radiata; apply your roll-on blend to your feet or sore muscles after activity.
  • Apply the roll-on to your chest for a stimulating and rejuvenating scent.
  • Jasmine essential oil and Eucalyptus Radiata are an incredible aromatic pair! Carry your custom-blended essential oil roll-on with you, so you can apply this uplifting scent and keep on rolling.


If the fresh, rosy scent of Geranium essential oil isn’t enough to make you want to carry it everywhere, the skin benefits certainly make this essential oil roll-on worthy!Geranium Essential Oil

Dilution ratio: Dilution not required.

  • Apply Geranium as part of your beauty routine to promote the appearance of healthier-looking skin.
  • Apply to wrists or the nape of the neck for a sweet, floral, and natural perfume.
  • Create a blend of Lavender and Geranium and bring it with you on vacation. Gently apply the roll-on to your skin after a long day in the sun and top it with some natural, unscented aloe vera. The blend will help cool and moisturize your skin, so you can let the good times roll.


If you’re not quite ready to roll up your sleeves and create your own roll-ons, we have some ready-made blends! Discover roll-ons that are ready to use! Feel empowered with the scent of Valor® Roll-On, refresh yourself with Deep Relief™ Roll-On, and breathe deep with Breathe Again™ Roll-On. If stress is knocking on your door, unwind with relaxing Stress Away™ Roll-On, and let the sweet scent of Tranquil™ Roll-On get you ready for a great night’s sleep.

What bring-everywhere blend keeps you rolling?
Tell us in the comments!


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