Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil offers a surprisingly sweet and reliably refreshing aroma. It’s like the friendly, northern cousin of other popular natural essential oils: Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Copaiba. Born and raised on the Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, this Canadian essential oil is robust and complex, from the first whiff of warm, sweet wood to the deeper, smokier undertones that linger like the scent of a late-night campfire. Here are 10 wonderful ways to use this rich and woodsy oil blend to fill your home with the crisp refreshment of the deep Canadian woods.


TopicallyNorthern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil

Known to many in the Young Living family as simply NLBS, Northern Lights Black Spruce is a pure essential oil that offers a rich, invigorating scent. You’ll want to wear it all day — and you can with these topical tips!

1. Wear this calm and serene scent as a charming cologne or layer it with Lavender or Neroli for a perfumed pick-me-up.

2. Dilute with V-6™ or another carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet, spine, and the base of your neck to infuse your evening with the tranquil aroma of nature.

3. Add a few drops to your favorite lotion or face cream to boost moisture as you dream about adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

4. Combine a few drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce with a complementary aroma like Cedarwood or Lavender for a massage oil reminiscent of a woodland spa.


In Your Diffuser

Take off to the Canadian forest by diffusing this serene scent in your home, car, or office.

5. Diffuse during quiet moments alone to bring the feeling of wide open spaces to your meditation practice.

6. Try our diffuser blend for a crisp, deep, woodsy smell:Lemon Essential Oil

Northern Nights

5 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce
3 drops Cardamom
2 drops Lemon

7. Fill your car diffuser with NLBS before your commute or carpooling duty for its restful aroma.

8. Try a Young Living essential oil blend featuring this complex scent such as Shutran™, R.C.™, or Harmony™.


In Your Beard and Hair

The moisturizing properties of NLBS make it a great addition to your beard oil or hair serum.Copaiba Essential Oil

9. Capture its refreshing scent in a beard oil by adding a few drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce and Copaiba to a lightweight carrier oil. Check out our beard-taming tips for even more ideas!

10. Add a few drops to your conditioner to bring the sensation of cool mountain breezes to your morning shower.


What’s your favorite way to use Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil?

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