Essential Rewards FAQ

Essential Rewards FAQ

Earning Points
Redeeming Points


Q: How do I sign up for the Essential Rewards program?
A: You may sign up in one of two easy ways:
1) Online through Virtual Office.
2) Through Member Services; Walk-in to the Experience Centre, Email at, or contact us at +65 6911 0211
Q: May I change the items in my Essential Rewards order and still receive all of the benefits of the program?
A: Yes. You may change the items any time until 12 midnight on your processing date (determined by you when you enrolled).
Q: May I make changes to my Essential Rewards order online?
A: Yes. You may make changes to your Essential Rewards order online any time before your processing date (determined by you when you enrolled). However, you will need to contact Member Services to cancel your order.

Earning Gifts

Q: How do I earn gifts through the Essential Reward program?
A: When you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders, you can earn exclusive gifts. You’ll qualify for these gifts when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders for 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, and 36 months. After 36 months, you’ll receive gifts after every 12 months of consecutive orders.
Q: How will I receive my gift?
A: The gift will automatically be added to your next qualifying (100PV) Essential Rewards order.
Q: If I earn a gift and then don’t process an order, can I re-earn that gift?
A: No, you may only earn each gift one time. For example, you might earn the 3 month gift and later cancel your Essential Rewards orders. If you start Essential Rewards again, the next gift you’ll be eligible for will be the 6 month gift, you are not eligible for a second 3 month gift. If you cancel your Essential Rewards order the month after you’ve earned a gift, the gift will come with your next processed Essential Rewards order should you choose to reactivate in the program.

Q: If I already have an active Essential Rewards order processing monthly, how do I receive my gift?
A: We will begin tracking members’ consecutive Essential Rewards orders starting September 2016, including those who maintained active Essential Rewards orders prior to this time. This means that September is the first month for everyone to begin qualifying for Essential Rewards gifts for consecutive orders. Once a member achieves the threshold to receive a gift, it will be delivered with the next processed Essential Rewards order.

Earning Points

Q: How many points do I earn for my Essential Rewards order?
A: You will receive points based on a percentage of your PV for each Essential Rewards order. The percentage you receive depends on how many months you have consecutively placed Essential Rewards orders.
1–3 months: 10 percent of each Essential Rewards order
4–24 months: 20 percent of each Essential Rewards order
25+ months: 25 percent of each Essential Rewards order
Q: How do I know which percentage I’m earning points at after the change in September 2016?
A: All members who have previously processed consecutive Essential Rewards orders will earn points in the new system based on how many consecutive ER orders they placed prior to September 1. For example, a member who has processed 18 consecutive Essential Rewards orders will be at the 20 percent level. An individual who has processed 28 consecutive Essential Rewards orders will begin at the 25 percent level.
Q: Is there a minimum PV for my order?
A: Yes. Your monthly order must be at least 100 PV.

Redeeming Points

Q: How do I redeem my reward points?
A: You may redeem your points through your Virtual Office, Email at, Walk-in to Young Living Experience Centre or by contacting Member Services at +65 6911 0211.

Q: How many points may I redeem each month?
A: You may redeem up to 375 points each month.

Q: If I cancel my Essential Rewards order, do I lose my points?
A: If you cancel your Essential Rewards order, you forfeit all of your unused Essential Rewards points, and your monthly participation in the program, if resumed, your earnings will start over at the 10-percent tier.
Q: Do I retain points earned for returned products?
A: You will forfeit any points earned on products that you later return.
Q: How soon may I redeem points that I earn?
A: You earn points the minute your order is shipped. You may redeem points any time after you have participated in the program for two months.
Q: When redeeming my points, do I go by the dollar amounts or the PV amounts in the price list?
A: When redeeming Essential Rewards points, use the PV amount rather than the dollar value. For example, if you have 50 points, you may redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 50. Points may only be redeemed for products with full PV values.

Q: May I use my points for promotional products, such as discounted items?
A: You may buy any regularly available products at regular price as part of your Essential Rewards order, but you will not receive the discounted pricing if the item is part of your Essential Rewards points order. Some promotional items may not be available for purchase at all using Essential Rewards points. Contact Member Services at +65 6911 0211 if you have questions about specific items.

Q: Do my points expire?
A: Yes. Unused points expire on a 12-month rolling basis, meaning 12 months after they were earned.


Q: May I use my Essential Rewards points to pay for my shipping costs?
A: No. Points may only be redeemed for products with full PV values.

The below FAQS reference the enhancements made to the ER Program effective September 1, 2016.

Current* ER Point Accumulation**
1-6 months - 10%
7-12 months - 15%
7-12 months - 15%
*Current ER Point Accumulation until September 1, 2016
NEW ER Point Accumulation**
1-3 months - 10%
4-24 months - 20%
25+ months - 25%
NEW Loyalty Gift** beginning September 1, 2016
3 months - 1 x Orange (15ml)
6 months - 1 x Peace & Calming (5ml) (as of March 1, 2022)
9 months - 1 x R.C. (15ml)
12 months - Exclusive Loyalty Blend
ER Anniversary (24 months and the annually) - Exclusive Blend created annually
** Malaysia and Singapore market requirement of 100 PV on ER order to qualify for the percentage accumulation & loyalty gift.
As an existing member on ER, do I qualify for the Loyalty Gifts?
Every YL member participating in the ER program* is eligible to receive the ER Loyalty gifts; however, all ER participants start at month one in September 2016 or whenever a member first enrolls on ER.
Members who want to qualify for these bonus gifts must maintain a minimum of 100PV ER order and place consecutive orders for the specified number of months.
How will I receive my free gift?
The free gift will be added to the ER order that processes following the qualifying consecutive month (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th). For example, if a member reaches their third month in December, the 3rd month gift would be added to their ER order in January.
Can an ER Member receive a gift from each of the thresholds multiple times?
A member is eligible to receive a loyalty gift at any of the benchmarks (3, 6, 9, 12 months) once -- with the exception of the annual loyalty gift (starting at 24 months and then every 12 months after that). If a member misses an ER order one month they will start their qualification count from the beginning AND that member cannot re-qualify for a loyalty gift that they have already received.
Example: If a member received the 3-month loyalty gift in their 4th month ER order and then misses their 5th ER order they would then need to start over with their 6-month loyalty gift qualification. When the member reaches the 3-month mark for the second time they would not receive an additional 3-month loyalty gift; the next loyalty gift they are eligible to receive is at the 6-month loyalty gift.
At what percentage level will an existing ER Member accrue ER points at when the enhancements go into affect?
Existing ER members will earn ER points, staring in September 2016, based on how many consecutive ER orders have processed up to the point of implementation of these enhancements.
Example: If a member has consistently placed an ER order (minimum PV requirement met for market) for 18 consecutive months, they will begin accruing ER points at 20%. If a member has consistently place an ER order (minimum PV requirement met for market) for 30 consecutive months, they will begin accruing ER points at 25%.
Will the grace month still be available with the ER program enhancements?
The grace month was designed to allow members to skip an ER order without losing their ER point accumulation. As of November 1, 2016, the option to select a grace month will no longer be available. Members will not be able to select this option online or call and request it through Member Services. If a member misses a month they will lose their ER points and have to start over with loyalty gift qualification (any previously earned loyalty gifts will not be available for re-qualification) and will begin accumulating points again at the 10% level.
When will the enhancements of this program be in effect?
September 1, 2016: New Tiered Bonus Percentages

September 1, 2016: New Loyalty Gifts (MY / SG)
What will happen to members on track for the existing MY/SG Longevity Gifts Program?
All new members who enroll on Essential Rewards on or before September 30, 2016 will be grandfathered into the existing SG/MY Longevity Gifts program (e.g. 3rd month Diffuser gift), including members who are already on the existing program, until they qualify for the 12th month gift.

These members will also qualify for the new loyalty gifts, starting September 2016.