Virtual Essential Oil Summit 2020

Guest Speakers & Synopsis

By Dr. Mike Buch, Chief Science Officer, Young Living and David Little, Agronomist, Young Living Global Farms

Imagine this - the rugged landscape of central Utah contrasting the serene, fragrant lavender fields. Over 1,400 acres of fragrant herbs, pristine natural beauty, and fresh mountain air. Visit the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah, with our Global Agronomist David Little and learn about the crop, soil and farming practices that are key to sustainability. While you’re there, visit the distillery too and find out more about the distillation process, then head to the labs with Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Buch who will take you behind the scenes and show you the work that guarantees stringent and unyielding quality.

By Richard Bliss Brooke, Ontological Coach, Author and Network Marketing Ambassador

Richard will share his powerful story of going from low self-esteem and thinking he’d spend his life working at a chicken plant to saying ‘yes’ to network marketing. Like many people, he is not an ‘overnight success’, but when his vision changed and he found his ‘10’, momentum started to happen. He’ll talk about ‘doing it anyway’ despite the fears and excuses, the power of mindset, the importance of mentorship, how he discovered Young Living,¬ and how founders Gary and Mary courageously led the way.

He’ll talk about his book, The Four Year Career, where putting the principles of consistency into your inviting can help you advance rank from Silver to RCD in 4 years. Richard will also illustrate the power of retention rate – what 10% vs. 40% looks like, and how building a sales organization in Young Living is building a community of repeat customers that can bring continuous income. Network Marketing will always be in high demand and the world is waiting to hear your story and the invitation to “just take a look.”

By Leslie Lewis, Ph.D., CMH, Senior Director of Global Education, Young Living

The potential of the human mind is vast and boundless, yet we are only tapped into a small part of that potential. Whether you are setting goals and intentions or just wanting to ground yourself spiritually and mentally, being at one with your mind and body using visualization techniques can help you reach your goals and achieve your objectives. Join Leslie in the Science Room and learn about how Young Living essential oils help to enhance your mind-body connection along with an advanced visualization technique that will help ignite your true vision. .
By Cherie Ross, Young Living Leader, Royal Crown Diamond

As a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond who has learned from the founder, Gary D. Young himself, Cherie has also worked professionally and personally with essential oils for more than 35 years, Cherie has a wealth of experience and knowledge from planting and harvesting to distillation and product development, which has also led to her being a widely sought-after educator in the area of natural health.

In this intimate session, Cherie will be sharing her personal experience as to how she truly incorporates Young Living as part of her wellness journey. Cherie’s genuine passion in Young Living will indeed luminate the true inspiration beyond sharing her insightful stories.

By Yonie Bonawi, Young Living Leader, Royal Crown Diamond

You may often find yourself hitting roadblocks or having to deal with circumstances in life when you are on your journey to building your dreams. These experiences may impact your mental and physical health without you knowing it. Controlling what happens to you may not be as easy as it sounds; however, we are all wired with our own talents and positive traits that we can use to our best advantage.

This limiting belief is a state of mind and conviction that you think to be true. Moving past limiting beliefs has always been the key to building my Young Living business. Join me in this session as I share my journey and how I navigated the roadblocks and challenges to achieve my dreams through the Young Living business opportunity!

By Patricia Gwee, Young Living Leader, Royal Crown Diamond

Being in an ever-changing world does not have to mean that our goals of wellness and abundance are harder to achieve.

Join Young Living Crown Diamond Patricia Gwee and focus on what makes us all strong (rather than fixate on what may be wrong). Her personal accounts of being in the presence of Gary Young himself invites us to rediscover our Young Living roots. We will be invited to be open ourselves to seeking inspiration, as we are challenged to create our own platforms to inspire others around us. Patricia caps the session to highlight practical tips of discovering our unique talents, and how these talents are used to strengthen our relationships, build our businesses, and make our goals unfold. You will also hear from members of the PG Collective on how their Strengths discoveries have helped them achieve important milestones. .

By Kai Tan, Young Living Leader, Royal Crown Diamond

What does it mean to lead through darkness? Why and how is that relevant in this time and age? How do you anchor yourself to your true north; despite shadow voices – be it yours or from others, that may seem overwhelmingly threatening? How do you stay accountable and honorable for the highest good of everyone when the easier way out is to be business cut-throat and choose strategies that benefit you (or your team) over others?

It does not matter whether you are leading 1 or 10,000. Authentic leadership starts with you realising who you are and what a profound impact you can have on others when you are aware of the torch you are bearing. This is not just business. This is legacy, signed with your name.

How are you showing up; luminating the world around you?

By Sarah Harnisch, Young Living Leader, Diamond

If you think you’re not a Young Living Diamond, think again. Sarah’s here to share her how she did it; a mom of 5, raising an autistic son in the middle of nowhere– that had a job that started at 4 a.m. for 18 years– who had moved across the country with no friends and no time– who was totally sleep deprived and surviving on prayer cover– Sarah did it, and believes anyone can too. The size of your friend circle, the change in your pocket, your location, and your clock does not matter. It becomes a priority when you realize that this means freedom.

Join Sarah as she shares her complete skills training system for all things Young Living, so that you too can live your dream!

By Yip Pin Xiu, Team Singapore Swimmer and Paralympic Champion

Growing up differently from her peers, Pin Xiu sometimes felt out of placed as nobody around her had a disability. She was treated differently in school and would often be bullied for being different. She always found solace in the water and greatly enjoyed swimming since young because in the water she was ‘the same as everyone else’.

This joy in the water eventually grew to something bigger. Her passion for swimming and competition led her to a different path in life. Throughout her years, sports and the people around her have taught her different things and she holds 2 of them particularly close to her heart. One about taking responsibility for her actions and the other about focusing on things within her control.

In this intimate session, join Pin Xiu as she shares her life journey; its ups and downs and what she learned from it which helped in the process of becoming a world class swimmer. .