International Essential Oils Day 2022 | Young Living

Natural living starts on the farm

Natural living starts on the farm

Young Living will celebrate International Essential Oils Day (IEOD) on July 11 to honour the power and benefits essential oils provide to us. By celebrating IEOD, we embrace the importance of clean, natural living, which relies first on our farms, the source of our pristine products.

This year, IEOD falls on the 30th anniversary of establishing Young Living’s St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery, the farm that started it all. From the farm came our first essential oils, which kindled the modern essential oils movement. Our farms are what propel our hope for a healthy home for each of us and a healthy world for all of us.

On this day of reflection, we invite you to connect with the natural energy that first attracted you to Young Living. Share how you embarked on your journey with us, what you experienced when you tried a new essential oil, or why natural living and pristine products are important to you.

We’ve prepared a trove of resources to help you mark IEOD and celebrate it with friends and family. These resources include an infographic, quiz, blog posts, and more. This is an opportunity to share fun experiences, as well as the benefits of a healthy, natural lifestyle.