Digital Library

Digital Library

It’s simple, streamlined and easy to share

Meet the mighty Digital Library. All-in-one powerful search engine for finding, sharing, linking and displaying Young Living’s branded digital materials. Our very own digital library with a collection of Young Living reading material. This library is compatible with all screen devices, so feel free to get cosy and do some reading in the comfort of your home. The Digital Library will host member favourites like product imagery, Product Guide, Price List, Christmas Catalogue, social media shareables, videos and other educational materials.

Key features of the Digital Library

Digital Library Search Screenshot

Powerful search

If you've been on the lookout for our latest promotions, products, event launches, Product Guide or Price List, then this is the place to find it. We’ve made it much easier to search and access these materials, plus you can now download, share, link and display Young Living branded digital materials. You can also share the results of your specific keyword search by sharing or linking the specific URL address. This is explained further in our product tour video.

Version Control

By using the Digital Library, you are always guaranteed to have the most up-to-date materials. You can download or send your team the direct link, knowing that this link will never change and that the file will always be the most updated version.
Version Control

Digital Library Collateral from Other Markets Screenshot

Access collateral from other markets

Need to direct prospects to other market’s YL collateral or want to simply see what Young Living is doing in other markets? Now you can, easily! Combining this feature with the Digital Library powerful search function, you can access images, publications or videos from other YL markets ALL in one location.

Interactive flipbooks

Key publications are available in an easy-to-read flipbook that works on any device you have. Some flipbooks may even be interactive – look out for embedded videos and direct links to web pages that will take your reading and educating to new heights!
Digital Library Interactive Flipbook Screenshot

Digital Library Share on Socials Screenshot

Easy-to-share on socials

Our new online library offers the ability to download assets and easily share through social media and emails.


The digital library helps Young Living meet our objective to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Instead of printing publications, these can now be easily accessed digitally, with downloading and sharing functionality.

Please note that the Product Guide and Price List will continue to be printed publications.

What’s next

Watch this space as new enhancements will continue to roll out. Note that the Digital Library will be replacing ISSUU and Flickr in April 2022.

Watch the Digital Library tour video!!


You can locate the Digital Library on the Young Living Website within the top navigation under Company > Media Center as well as in the footer.

Within your Virtual office you can find it in Brand Partner News and Brand Partners Resources along with easy categorised sections in YL Central > Product Resources.