Success Stories

As the world leader in essential oils, transparency is one of our core essential values and as our members grow their Young Living businesses. We want our members to feel empowered and continually set new goals for themselves and their business. To help members with tracking their progress, Young Living provides the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). This document provides statistical, fiscal data about the average member income and information about achieving various ranks. The IDS is an important tool for all members to use and share.
We are delighted to celebrate our leaders and share their inspirational stories. These incredible success stories are listed in the order in which they are written and completed; the order is in no way an indication of success, bias or preference.

YL Royal Crown Diamond: Artemis

“Young Living’s oils hold the true frequency of nature and are the ‘master key’ I’ve been searching for all my life.” - Artemis
Artemis grew up in Brisbane, Australia and joined Young Living in September 1998. Before joining Young Living she was a Zoologist working for Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Services and at age 25 she established her own Healing Centre.
After attending a businesswomen’s networking meeting and listening to a free cassette on essential oils, she fell in love with the science behind Gary Young’s talk, ‘The Missing Link’ and thought “WOW, this feels like THE answer for me!” She finds that working with Young Living essential oils fits right in with her life goal to transform the world for the better. Artemis’s greatest joy is developing leaders and sharing her passion about the products with friends and clients.

YL Crown Diamonds: Alan & Linda Simpson

“The Young Living lifestyle has been the best thing we have done and it’s been fun the whole way. ” - Alan & Linda Simpson
Before starting Young Living, Alan & Linda both had two jobs each to make ends meet. Alan was working as a night shift foreman in a cereal company, but his entrepreneurial mindset had him constantly looking for something better. After night shift he would work on a product to be launched in the USA health industry. Linda was a teacher by day and a tutor by night, running two Kip McGrath tutoring franchises.
Their schedules were so busy that their daughter Aleena (Diamond Young Living Member) often had to take turns running around them. Alan & Linda were introduced to Young Living by friend Christopher Lewin (Platinum Young Living Member) who shared with them something amazing that would later impact their lives.

YL Crown Diamond: Naomi Wells

"I would recommend Young Living to others so they can better their own wellness and join a community that’s going to support them in making small, simple changes in their life. If you were thinking about the business opportunity, I would encourage you to take a leap of faith and dive in." - Naomi Wells

YL Diamond: Aleena Simpson

“The Young Living experience has built my confidence and given me direction in life.” - Aleena Simpson
When Aleena joined Young Living, her parents, who are now Young Living Diamonds, were well established within the Young Living community. Initially, it was her dad who introduced Aleena to the Young Living opportunity.
The personal development Aleena underwent after joining Young Living impacted her life in such a positive way, helping her to build the skills to accelerate her own growth. Young Living has improved Aleena's public speaking abilities, whilst also building confidence, giving direction as to where to go in life without worrying about finances.

YL Diamond: Kylie Bryant

“I heard Mary Young speak, and she said that Young Living is putting good money in the hands of good people who are doing good work.” - Kylie Bryant
Since joining Young Living, Kylie's family life changed so much. She came to Young Living when her family had health issues and she was looking down different avenues. Her husband had chronic fatigue and she just had her thyroid removed. On top of this, they were suffering from financial strain. They are now living healthier lives and are a lot better off financially. They have abundance in every area of their lives, their children have the ability to travel, and they say they would have never had these opportunities otherwise.

YL Diamond: Katie Cole

“We have Young Living in every room of our home, and we are all so much better for it.” - Katie Cole
Katie loves that her children, ages 3, 5 and 7, are big fans of the essential oils and they intuitively know what they need. Each of her kids have their own Young Living Dewdrop ™ diffuser on their bedside table. She tried to tell them which essential oil they are having in it, but now they tell her instead!

YL Diamond: Louise & Olaf von Sperl

"There is no other company that comes close to having integrity and ethics like Young Living. Our products and our compensation plan are all unique to the marketplace. Young Living delivers life changing products that people can use everyday. The D. Gary Young Foundation goes to places where others wouldn’t dare. Our Founder, Gary Young was a “Farmer First” and this is what I explain to new members. A Man of the Land. People before profit. Young Living is a heart centred company. This is a rare quality in most businesses today. We, as a family, are honoured to be aligned with them." - Louise von Sperl
Louise has been a practitioner, for many years and teaching Qigong; she has always helped people on their journey to wellness. She was a stay-at-home mum and incorporated her healing practice into her home-based business.

YL Diamond: Nikki & Danny Bryan

"Words cannot express how my life has changed with Young Living. I’m now able to focus my time and energy on our Young Living business at home, with my daughter by my side. I now have amazing products which have transformed the way I care for my wellbeing and my family’s wellbeing." - Nikki & Danny Bryan

Nikki was a Wedding Photographer and Primary School Teacher before jumping into this opportunity when the company was 20 years old. She and Danny feel beyond blessed to be able to use oils for their family and share it with others.

YL Diamond: Luna Derkley

"So honoured to work alongside a company that cares about me and my family’s wellness and the health of our environment as much as I do." -Luna Derkley

Young Living completely changed the trajectory of my family’s life to one of freedom. We work hard at running our own business - whilst travelling in a bus around Australia with our kids! It has transformed our wellness and has brought so many beautiful likeminded souls into our lives.

YL Diamond: Laura Sharpe

"So honoured to work alongside a company that cares about me and my family’s wellness and the health of ourYoung Living really is a one-stop natural products shop. And the way they treat their people, I have never felt so encouraged or recognised in my life! They truly are a company of heart." -Laura Sharpe

We have a clearer home and a calmer, happier environment since joining Young Living. We have so much more time together as a family because of the flexibility this business brings. We’re surrounded by the most incredible like-minded souls through this community. And finally - this business has made me grow and stretch as a person. I have so much more confidence and self-worth through the personal development this business has brought me.

YL Platinum: Chris Lewin

“When I joined, I didn’t have wellness, and I certainly didn’t have any purpose or abundance. Seventeen years later, I have it all.” - Chris Lewin
The difference with Young Living is that it changes your life on a spiritual level. It is a gift of nature in all its purity. A lot of the other opportunities are for the money alone. Other essential oil companies cannot do the same as Young Living as they don’t have the same essential oils. Young Living is simply a very different opportunity. What company out there gives you a profound spiritual effect? This is what makes Young Living unique.

YL Platinum: Neena Love

“I would recommend others to join Young Living because for me it is a way of life. It is a total lifestyle company, especially with the addition of Savvy Minerals by Young Living™.” - Neena Love
When she first joined Young Living, Neena was like a sponge for information, but it seemed like she couldn’t get enough. She thrived on recommended books and monthly CD’s in which Gary talked freely about the essential oils. The knowledge stuck like glue and she was in her element. She has never really looked back and she still feels that Young Living essential oils hold answers, and offer solutions that one is unlikely to find anywhere else.

YL Platinum: Janet Knight

"The vibration of nature is in every bottle - which you don’t get with most products. A lot of people forget where their food comes from.The same applies to essential oils in the bottles.People forget where their water supply comes from and the importance of our natural resources. Everyone needs to know the beginning of their food chain and how the products were made that they consume or use." - Janet Knight
When Janet was first introduced to Young Living, she fell in love with Joy™ and Valor® essential oil blends. She had never smelled anything like them - so natural, and as she loves nature, they seemed a perfect choice for her. She put Joy™ on her heart and Valor® on the back of her neck, and after that she felt instantly enlightened. It was such a beautiful feeling that she simply wanted more.

YL Platinum: Ian Clayton

"Since joining, I drink a lot of NingXia Red®, Young Living’s nutritious wolfberry drink! It keeps me feeling energised and healthy, particularly when I am travelling a lot." - Ian Clayton
When a Young Living Platinum Member showed him the essential oils for the first time, they fit right into what he had researched about frequency and vibrations. He particularly enjoyed Lemongrass, Helichrysum and Marjoram essential oils. He also bought some Frankincense and Inner Defense™. Thus, his journey with Young Living had begun!

YL Platinum: Jen Gallagher

"You can’t go past the Seed to Seal ® standard - no chemicals or additives are added at any point. You can visit a farm. Plant a plant. Participate in a harvest. You can’t do that anywhere else. Young Living also gives back. The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation provides amazing opportunities to help those around the world who need it most." - Jen Gallagher
Jen always loved essential oils and had never heard of Young Living. She went to the [expo] stand, and the woman, Janet Knight (now a Young Living Platinum), had all the Young Living essential oils on a table. Jen went over and picked out one. It was Awaken™. The smell was divine! She said, “I will have this one!”. Janet told her there was a special, and 5 minutes later, she walked out with over $500 of essential oils on order. Janet also said to her, as she was completing her details, “There is a business with Young Living.” Jen remembers thinking, “I will be doing that one day.” It was a light bulb moment that forever changed the course of her life.

YL Platinum: Kim Thomson

"What makes Young Living unique? Definitely the farms. I’ve been very lucky to have visited the farms in Darwin, Mona, St Maries, Highland Flats, France and Croatia. When you visit a farm it just cements everything you think you know about the company and the integrity behind its Seed to Seal ® processes. You really fall in love." - Kim Thomson
Kim's mother in law started using the Young Living products, and at first, she just wanted to get them on her account as she wasn’t interested in joining ‘one of those companies’. Eventually she needed a diffuser, so she joined when Young Living had the free diffuser after 3 months offer. She was only going to order for the 3 months and that was it. She ordered 3 different kits (the Everyday Oils Collection, Raindrop Technique® Kit & Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection) over the 3 months as she figured that was the best way to buy the essential oils. In the 4th month, she thought she’d just get the Feelings Kit and that would be it, but 9 years later she's never missed a month!

YL Platinums: Kim & Paul Ellis

"Young Living gives you so many choices in your life to work around your family and your life. Most people are just existing in their day-to-day jobs. I feel like I have an incredible opportunity to offer to others so they can change that if they choose. I love the Direct selling industry and am grateful that everyday I get to design my life. Having my daughters growing their own businesses as well is wonderful. I love that this business can give people so many choices in their lives.The travel opportunities around the world are truly incredible. There is nothing like visiting our own Young Living Farms." - Kim & Paul Ellis

YL Platinum: Maria Arora

"Since I started using Young Living oils it has opened many wonderful doors, including fun adventures overseas, farm trips, creating a new family and allowing me to realise I could multitask (running a busy clinic, supporting teams overseas, running evening and weekend classes, participating in wellness expos etc.) more than I could ever imagine. I have had the joy of reaching more people with my teaching and the most important of all, I have been able to meet Gary Young – an incredible human." - Maria Arora

YL Platinum: Soulla Chamberlain

Why would you recommend for others to join Young Living?
"So that they too can feel empowered in their wellbeing and to lead a less toxic, more nourishing and abundant life! They can create a less toxic home by healthy swapping conventional products containing a slew of toxic ingredients, with plant based, super powerful, oil infused versions. They can take their wellbeing to a new level and if they feel so pulled, they can also share the products with others to bring abundance into their life and the life of others."- Soulla Chamberlain

YL Platinums: Sharon & Andrew Wild

What is your favourite Young Living product? Why? Explain what the benefits are to you.
Sharon: "For a person who uses Young Living products every waking moment of the day from morning to night, it’s not possible to limit it to one. I love Copaiba oil because I’ve found that it enhances all of the other Young Living oils that I use, and it offers a sense of emotional balance. I love peppermint as it’s so versatile, I carry it everywhere with me. Reducing my exposure to synthetic chemicals in the home is important to me, so the Thieves Household Cleaner is a must-have in my home."
Andrew: "My favourite product is one I believe every man should use on a daily basis and that is the Shutran essential oil blend."

YL Platinum: Simone Wilken

What changed your mind about Young Living?
"I think the community. That is always something no one ever expects or knows about when joining, but it ends up being one of the most appreciated parts of this business." - Simone Wilken

YL Platinum: Elizabeth Gageler

What is your favourite Young Living product? Why? Explain what the benefits are to you.
"JOY essential oil! My very first oil and came to me at a time in my life that I most needed it. The essence of everything it means to live a JOYful life is captured in this scent. I believe all of the Young Living blends (particularly the emotional blends) are so incredibly powerful and have contributed in assisting me to transition to having such a positive outlook. I live my own life with joy and to experience joy – and helping others to feel the same. This oil helps to remind me of that vision!" - Elizabeth Gageler

YL Platinums: Pauline & Robin Hall

Why would you recommend others join Young Living?
"If they are looking to improve all-over wellness and lifestyle in life, there may be many reasons. Young Living has dramatically changed our life and is worth a peek to see if it can support greater benefits for them as well." - Pauline & Robin

YL Platinum: Eloise Laube

How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?
"I get really overwhelmed thinking about what YL has done for us and now we’re seeing some of our dreams become a reality. Not only has our overall well being changed but the personal growth I see in myself has been huge. I am so proud of that - and so proud that I can show my daughters that hard work pays off. This business has also allowed me to stay home and work, with my babies by my side. It’s given me the opportunity to make my own schedules and do things in my own time. Now I can say yes to things that would normally have been no." - Eloise Laube

YL Platinum: Alinta Parkes

Why would you recommend others join Young Living?
"I tell everyone about how it’s changed my life, because I want this for them. It will truly change your life in every way. There is no one who’s life couldn’t be enriched if they embraced the Young Living lifestyle. The flexibility, passion, love, care, dreaming big, and community are incredible. The best part is the support you have alongside you while you do this." - Alinta Parkes

YL Platinum: Lovely Quiniones

What is your favourite Young Living product? Why? Explain what the benefits are to you.
"That is a really hard question because I have so many favourite products! But, if I had to choose something, it would be NingXia Red. We take it every day and notice the difference when we don’t have it." - Lovely Quiniones

YL Platinum: Yana Starr

What changed your mind about Young Living?
"I loved the freedom I felt from having natural products to reach for. Being able to clean my floors with a cleaner that wouldn’t worry me about my one-year old crawling on and around was life changing. This is the exact feeling I am so passionate to share about and so desperately want all mothers to experience." - Yana Starr

YL Platinum: Christina Walpole

Why would you recommend others join Young Living?
"Young Living are breaking the mould of conditioning built into us for centuries. Life can be simple and filled with so much more joy. If you want that I say - just start!" - Christina Walpole

YL Platinum: Charlotte Owen

What makes Young Living unique?
"That it’s a lifestyle, a community and so much more than just incredible oils. You are part of a movement that is the way forward, the energy is contagious, and the support Young Living offer is more than I could have imagined." - Charlotte Owen

YL Platinum: Jo Garais

Why would you recommend others join Young Living?
"Young Living is not just about business, it’s more than that. It’s about living the natural way. It’s about wellbeing and life. It’s about the quality and authenticity of the products. I want to see Young Living in every home. I want others to experience the benefits that Young Living products can offer." - Jo Garais

YL Platinum: Renae Cummins

Why would you recommend others join Young Living?
"There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The most pure products delivered to your door at wholesale price! Oils have improved our wellbeing and supported us emotionally for 3 years now and I truly believe there isn’t one person that can’t benefit from Young Living essential oils and products." - Renae Cummins

YL Platinum: Naomi Bloom

How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?
"We have a healthier home. We are spending more time as a family. All our hard work and effort has allowed us to live out so many of our dreams and I’ve gained some of the most incredible friendships that I’ll forever treasure." - Naomi Bloom
Rebecca Prideaux

YL Platinum: Rebecca Prideaux

Why would you recommend others join Young Living?
"The true beauty about the business is that you get to build it and work it around your life, on your own terms. You can connect with people and share your story in your authentic way." - Rebecca Prideaux

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