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We give you the power to choose your own products that suit your needs and lifestyle!

While we have a range of ready-made Starter Bundles to help you begin your wellness journey, you now also have the option to join Young Living with your own choice of products over 100PV. Coupled with a FREE Welcome to Young Living Collateral Pack that includes Product Guide, Price List and a Policies & Procedures Flyer - all a new Brand Partner needs to begin their journey with Young Living.
Essential oils are the heart of Young Living and the foundation of our product line. Browse through our pure, therapeutic grade products to discover versatile, powerful essential oils and blends backed by our Seed to Seal® promise and find the essential oils that are right for you.
In addition to essential oils, you may wish to try our range of natural, home cleaning products, our huge range of personal care products for everyone in the family, nutritionals to keep you feeling your best and even shampoo for your fur babies!
The choice is endless – simply choose 100 PV of anything you want!

How It Works

How CEO works

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, provided you select ‘Yes’ to join Essential Rewards in Step 2, then set up your Essential Rewards order in Step 3 with a minimum of 50 PV. Your 100 PV CEO order will be classified as your first ER order which will be eligible for any associated benefits. Your 50PV items you selected in Step 3 will be ready to process and billed on your selected processing day the following month.

Once you have selected your 100PV items and can see it in your Cart Summary, click on ‘Edit Your Order’ to add additional items.

If you join the Essential Rewards (ER) program during Step 2, and set up your 50PV ER order for the following month in Step 3, and your CEO order reaches any of the PV levels that qualifies you to receive free gifts exclusive to ER Brand Partners (eg. 145, 190, 250 and 320 PV), you will receive the applicable promotional items in your first order. These will appear in your order summary at checkout.

Yes, you can! After completing your CEO order and your sign up, visit your Virtual Office (found in the top right corner of the page) and click Monthly ER Order. From there you can join Essential Rewards!

No, your CEO order will remain as a Standard Order and cannot be converted. You will start earning the benefits associated with the Essential Rewards program when you join ER and start ordering monthly.
Important Note: A CEO order is considered a Standard Order unless you join the Essential Rewards Program in Steps 2 & 3 during the enrolment process.

Only if you choose to join Essential Rewards in Step 2 and set up your 50PV order for next month in Step 3, you will receive 10% back in reward points on the CEO orders’ PV value. This will increase to 20% on your fourth consecutive month of Essential Rewards ordering. If you choose not to join Essential Rewards in step 2, you will not qualify to earn the monthly Essential Reward points on your CEO order, as this will be considered a Standard Order.

No, the Starter Bundle Bonus is only paid to your Enroller when you enrol with a Starter Bundle.