Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery—SIMIANE-LA-ROTONDE, FRANCE

Young Living’s Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm is located in charming Provence, a region of France renowned for its beauty, fragrant lavender fields, and summer-long festivals. Because of its history and breathtaking views, this farm has become a popular destination for essential oil lovers, artists, and visitors looking to breathe in the captivating spirit of the special location.
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Dalmatia Aromatic Farm and Distillery—SPLIT, CROATIA

Dalmatia’s striking, and historic landscape reflects its deep cultural roots and makes an ideal home for the botanical helichrysum. That’s why this farm was founded with the intention of becoming a sustainable source for the popular Helichrysum oil, but the location has since continued to grow and cultivate even more botanicals.

Farm Fact: Rocks were transplanted to the helichrysum farm to replicate the natural growing conditions of the previously wild-crafted plant.


Vida de Seville Distillery—Almaden de la Plata, Seville, Spain

Located in Almaden de la Plata in Seville, Spain, less than an hour away from Seville city, this distillery crafts some essential oil favorites—Cistus, Frankincense, and Myrrh. This partnership allows us to sustainably keep up with the demand for these popular essential oils. The local workers also go above and beyond to use sustainable methods as they handpick wildcrafted cistus in the Sierra Norte Nature Park. Their distillation process and zero-waste practices further our efforts to sustain the land and produce the highest-quality products straight from nature to your home!


Bella Vista Farm—Reggio Calabria, Italy

The Bella Vista farm is located 20 miles outside the city of Reggio Calabria on the western coast of southern Italy—an ideal spot for bergamot to thrive. The farm uses best practices to ensure quality and purity of their Bergamot as they work to meet the demand for this popular citrus oil. They also take full advantage of the sunny climate—the farm’s buildings rely 100 percent on solar energy during the off season. The Bella Vista Farm is a firm supporter of fair-trade principles by incorporating practices such as transparency and accountability, non-discrimination, and respect for the environment. The farm’s sustainable practices and adherence to fair-trade principles align with our 5×5 Pledge and allow us to continue providing our members with high-quality Bergamot essential oil.


Golden Einkorn Farm—Sault, France

The Golden Einkorn Farm, located in the sunny fields of Sault, France, is one of Young Living’s hand-selected producers of ancient einkorn grain, growing the low-maintenance crop and milling the flour on site in its mill facilities.

This farm does everything possible to implement sustainable practices. It uses only rainwater irrigation on the naturally low-maintenance einkorn crops and fertilizes using organic matter like manure, plant compost, and leftover einkorn stems. Anything remaining from the einkorn flour milling process is used as feed for animals or as additional natural compost fertilizer, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

Few farms in the world have worked as hard to integrate sustainable, environmentally responsible practices into the heart of their organizations. With its eco-friendly, sustainable practices, the Golden Einkorn Farm is a true steward of the picturesque fields and hills of Provence, and Young Living is proud of this new partnership.