Enrolment 1.5

It's easier than ever to shop YL online!

April 7, 2018
We’ve streamlined the retail customer signup experience! When your friends, family, and other contacts shop YL online, it’s now easier for them to order products they’ll love through our new retail sign-up option and for you to take advantage of differential volume on retail orders! These exciting changes are now available in markets with a retail checkout option.

This change is part of our goal to simplify our online experience, so you can focus on building your business. We know you—and your contacts—will love this update!
Retail Customers will be able to checkout by simply adding items to their cart, creating an account, and providing shipping and billing information. (In that order!)


Q: What changes have been made?
A: Retail customers will no longer follow the same flow as Wholesale Members to enrol. They can set up an account while purchasing simply by hitting checkout in the shopping cart.

Q: Can a retail customer set up an account without purchasing?
A: No, account creation is accomplished by purchasing product and checking out.

Q: On the ‘Become a Member’ page when I select Retail customer, the Continue button is greyed out. How do I continue?
A: To enrol and purchase as a Retail customer, navigate to the Product Catalogue, add product to your shopping cart and checkout.

Q: Can a retail customer purchase without a sponsor?
A: Yes, they may select ‘No one referred me/I do not have a sponsor or enroller.’ and continue making a purchase. They will be entered in our placement program and a sponsor may contact them.

Q: Are retail customers required to set up a PIN #?
A: Retail customers are not prompted to set up a PIN during the enrollment process. Upon contacting Member Services, they will verify with account information, and can set up a PIN anytime in the VO.

Q: Can a retail customer participate in Essential Rewards?
A: No.

Q: Can a retail customer purchase a Premium or Basic Starter Kit?
A: No, The BSK/PSK are only available to Wholesale Members.