A statement on COVID-related claims

9 July, 2020

We would like to remind you of provisions of Young Living’s Policies & Procedures.

Dear Young Living Family,

Congratulations for the growth of your business, we are excited for you! We know how passionate you are about Young Living’s products and business opportunity, and we share that passion. As members, it is your commitment that helps drive the growth of Young Living and will ultimately help us achieve our mission to get oils into every home. It is important that as we lead we continue to be even more careful and consistent in what we share as we navigate this new normal together.

It’s time to review and reinforce our efforts to remain compliant and to not make false, misleading, or otherwise non-compliant product or business opportunity claims to anyone—especially prospective customers and members. Not only are we the pioneer and standard-bearer of the modern essential oils movement, but we set the standard for other companies to follow, and that includes when it comes to local guidelines.

We would like to remind you to keep product and income claims compliant. Do not make any claims that Young Living products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. You must also avoid making any statements and claims that are false or misleading concerning Young Living’s products. You must comply with all local laws regarding any statements made.

Do not make improper income claims to prospective members that may create false or misleading expectations. In their enthusiasm, some members are occasionally tempted to represent hypothetical income figures based upon the inherent power of networking marketing and actual income projections. This is counterproductive since new members may be disappointed if their results do not meet their expectations.

The Young Living policies are in place for our alignment as a global organisation, and your dedication in following them is key. When in doubt, do not state or imply that any Young Living products can be used to prevent, cure, destroy, or contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Do not state or imply that participation in the Young Living business opportunity can replace income lost due to unemployment or economic slowdown.

If you have made any social media posts or videos that violate these policies, delete them and commit to not making any such statements, in any format, in the future. Violation of these policies may result in curative measures, up to termination of your Member Agreement with Young Living and may also expose both you and Young Living to legal liability.

Finally, the Young Living Conduct Success department is a resource to you. Please contact them at conduct.au@youngliving.com.au if you have any questions about these policies.


Matthew French
Young Living Chief Legal & Compliance Officer