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After the Silver Retreat 2019

Between 26th-29th September, Young Living’s newly qualified Silver members were treated to an all-expense-paid, once in a lifetime trip to Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual recognition of rising Young Living leaders.
The retreat featured a full tour of the Mona farm and distillery, allowing attendees to see firsthand the Seed to Seal® quality commitment that is at the heart of Young Living’s industry excellence and receive personal insight during the step-by-step walkthrough. All members also received education on the proven path toward achieving success—both in their teams and personal lives. The Australian & New Zealand members have returned from the Silver retreat renewed, refreshed, and more inspired than ever to share their love of Young Living with the world!
Young Living members Lovely Quiniones, Jennifer Lyddiard and Wendy Brook documented their incredible experience at the Silver Retreat. Read their wonderful stories below.

Member Stories

Lovely Quiniones
Jennifer Lyddiard
Wendy Brook

Lovely Quiniones

I have so many highlights but if I have to pick 3, it would be:
1. Farm Day! Because nothing beats seeing the Seed to Seal Process and truly understanding and knowing there is so much love that goes into YL oils, the heart, the science, the dedication, the profound and unmatchable quality! It reaffirms my decision again and again that YL was the right choice for me and my family in so many ways!
2. Seeing some of our team experience the heart, generosity and culture of YL. It is such a joy to physically see your family and friends experience something so great, watching them laugh and smile and celebrate their achievements and made to feel like they are one in a million. I love seeing mums just like myself find wellness for their families and financial freedom.
3. The Leadership Panel – hearing from 4 completely different leaders. They were all so great but Heather Brock stood out to me the most. Her fierce, authentic passion, direct but gentle, confident and bold words of wisdom really resonated with me and the type of leader I strive to be.

Jennifer Lyddiard

My Young Living Silver Retreat adventure started with a bright and teary early morning flight. My Brisbane connection had me cross paths with several other YL family members…some I knew, some I didn’t. But the cool thing about our organization is that no matter what, we look after each other. Kylie and team took me under their wing, and off we went to head to the US.
After two more airports and just a bit of jet lag, Salt Lake City became our home for the next few days. We all knew that it was such a unique and valuable experience we were a part of and none of us wanted to miss anything!
Day 1 of the trip was (thankfully!) a down day. I’ve worked for some big corporate companies and not one of them would send us overseas a day early to relax and find our timeline feet. My day was spent meeting more new faces, both local and international, by giving Raindrop sessions before I headed to registration.
In generous YL tradition, I arrived registration to be handed some incredible gifts! Oils, gear and even a Christmas ornament to remember this time for years to come. I tend to hang on the introvert side. Thankfully Australians are so welcoming, I quickly made new friends that made sure I always had company!
That night, off on shuttles we went to our Welcome Dinner. The room was jaw dropping spending and any function that has Jarred Turner speaking is always a memorable one. To hear that just 7 short years ago, this same Silver retreat had less than 100 people in attendance blew my mind. Because that night, I was overlooking a room of over 2K people.
Day 2 was farm day. Up early, coffee in hand and a bus ride to Disney for Young Living lovers! After a cruise of the land for an hour, we all gathered in the arena area to snap a picture. The talent it took to the staff to herd thousands into their seats for a smile and wave is award worthy! Off we all scatted to the many things the farm offered.
I’m not going to lie. The bargain tent and I got super cozy. So much so, that I had to buy and extra suitcase to take it all with me. The best part? It was all a donation to the Young Living Foundation! That’s a win win! Thankfully that had a bag tent to hold the goods while I toured the rest of the farm. Otherwise I would have gone through a whole bottle of PanAway.
The magic of YL’s distillery is something that will always stay with me. So often, so many things that we incorporate into our lives go with lack of appreciation. To be able to see the farmers, the distillers, the plants and the process only made my roots deeper with the company I’ve chosen to build my health and future with. Every question is answered, every drop transparently cultivated, studied and shared.
Day 3 had me grab pen and paper and get ready for a full day of a TON of information. I’d be lying if I said my first thought in the morning wasn’t that I get to hear Lindsey Elmore speak. I am a science nerd at heart, and she speaks my language. YL perfectly prepared a day of talks that spoke to the heart, the evidence, the structure and the future. Quotes like “If you are too scared to change the world, change YOUR world’ and “don’t be a solutions hoarder” are tattooed on my notes that will constantly be reminders.
The evening ended with a cruisy and fun goodbye night. Karaoke, NingXia red shots galore and a room full of people who felt empowered to change the world – you can imagine the tangible joy and energy in the room. I was so fortunate to hang with my new friends!

Wendy Brook

As I summarise the Silver Retreat experience with you, I'm sitting in a cottage overlooking an animal rescue sanctuary in the South of Utah. That may sound a bit random, so to explain, after the retreat, I hired a car and have been travelling the State of Utah. But more about that later.
Young Living value you as a product user by producing the highest standard Essential Oils and Essential Oil products on the planet. They value you as a distributor because you're willing to share those products. But they really value you when you show a willingness to start building a team and rank up to Silver and beyond, because at that point, you're starting to take this seriously as you've caught the vision and it becomes more than a hobby.
Placing value in this case means investing in you as a person, and the company shows that by treating you to this very special experience. And for most members, it's their first taste of being treated by Young Living in this way.
Imagine being flown from your home town all the way to Salt Lake City, being put up in a gorgeous hotel, given gifts, very helpful training, a day out in a working farm, well fed with healthy meals and having the opportunity to glean from members all over the world!
Who else does that?!
Some of my team were amazed when I said it was all paid for!
So, if you're wondering if sharing with others is worth it...yes, it is worth it. Not only because of these experiences, but because whenever we share, we're giving others this same opportunity. This is not an exclusive club. It's open to all.
And what is it all for? To pay off the mortgage, get a nicer car, well yes that’s all important, but I believe having a bigger income gives us the capacity to do SO much more. Imagine who you could support and what you could do with an increased income? The Young Living Foundation alone provide so many opportunities. But apart from the finances, these products are bringing us into health and wholeness.
And who doesn't need that!?
Now back to why I'm still in Utah, even though the retreat is over. You don't need to fly straight home after the retreat, although most people have obligations and need to. I decided to take the opportunity to see more of the country, seeing I'd come this far. So I've hired a car for a week, and am driving through Utah, staying in hostels and trekking through the National Parks, with plenty NingXia and Zing! Did you know that Utah has some of the most spectacular National Parks in the USA. And I didn't do much planning ahead of time. I've found people here to be so friendly and helpful.
And YL will fly you home from a different city to Salt Lake City, making it possible to see different parts of the country.
I'd encourage anyone else to go on an adventure like this if the opportunity arises. This has been a complete experience for me. I'll be going back to New Zealand up skilled, inspired and rejuvenated. I really do have the Best Team in the Best Company

Next year, it could be you!

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