Lavender Harvest

Every year we celebrate a successful crop at our St. Maries farm Lavender Harvest. From 28 July to 10 August, some of our most passionate distributors joined D. Gary Young, founder and CEO of Young Living, to participate in the harvesting, processing and distilling of these precious botanicals into pure essential oils!
This year’s harvest included personal instruction from Gary, while offering attendees a unique, insider look into Young Living’s exclusive Seed to Seal® process! Click through the image gallery, below, to see photos of previous Lavender Harvests and click here to learn more about our beautiful farms all around the world. Make sure that you plan for next year, so that you can join us and experience for yourself how our Seed to Seal process ensures that our essential oils are the purest in the world – from the seeds that we plant to delivery on your doorstep.