International Grand Convention 2018

Three days of excitement, passion, vision and recognition all came together for one incredible experience at Young Living’s biggest annual event that took place mid-June at Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Day one of the 2018 Freedom themed International Grand Convention kicked off with powerful moments at General Session as our CEO, Mary Young, reflected on the freedoms that the late Gary Young’s genius brought the world. Together we celebrated Gary's insatiable passion for helping others with powerful oils, and were reminded that in every drop of oil or YL product that we use, we remember Gary. His heart and his soul is in the oils and products that we share with the world, including the exciting new products announced at convention which help us to share that legacy with others.

Gary's long-held beliefs and personal example resonating in every detail of convention, "The best thing you can do is invest in yourself, trust in yourself and live your dream." That is at the heart of convention, it's about investing in yourself, your passion, your beliefs and finding your path to achieving your full potential!
The afternoon continued full of inspiring and insightful workshops, including a crash course panel featuring Crown Diamond leaders with Royal Crown Diamond Adam Green sharing the importance of self-motivation when building your business.
The excitement for Day two of Convention continued with yet another amazing General Session! President and COO Jared Turner delivered a powerful tribute to our dear founder Gary, his Shokunin spirit, and the three gifts he left us with: essential oils, a capable and passionate leadership team, and a culture of courage. Gary always wanted people to be made whole, to feel joy and loved, expecting nothing in return. His tireless work in the art of cultivation and distillation served as a foundation for us to channel the power of our own imagination to envision our goals and push beyond our comfort zones to reach them.
Exciting new product launches kept the audience of this sold-out event at the edge of their seats! Among these was the launch of Kunzea our newest Essential Oil from our very own Tasmanian coast. Enjoy the pleasant, crisp and woodsy aroma of this special oil that’s great for purification among many other uses.
The 2018 International Grand Convention wrapped up with an extraordinary day filled with empowering messages of freedom and courage. CEO Mary Young took centre stage filled with gratitude at the Salt Palace Convention Centre accompanied by Jacob and Josef to commence the final day of an incredible Convention. Inviting the YL corporate team to share centre stage, she graciously acknowledged the support of the entire YL family – from members throughout the world, to the YL corporate team, who together are united in carrying Gary's vision and mission forward.
It was an emotional end to an incredible few days when Executive Director of the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation Greg Larsen spoke of the impact that rounding up your orders has in empowering global communities like Yarsa, Nepal, a community that was devastated by earthquake. Now having moved into their homes rebuilt with foundation resources, this community was a special service mission our founder Gary Young felt called upon to help!
The night ended with a captivating show from Cirque Montage whose artistry and athleticism reminded us just how miraculous the human body really is. It wasn't, however before the Foundation unveiled that together with Ride for a Reason and the generous donations from the YL community, over $1 million was raised for Hope for Justice, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking and slavery in our generation!
This year’s Convention has been nothing short of epic and as Eric Worre, Go Pro author and renowned Network Marketer mentioned, “Events are where leaders are born!”.