Royal Crown Diamond

Frances Fuller


Frances Fuller relocated to Singapore from Palm Beach, Florida, where she was nationally certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and state certified by the Florida Department of Health as a licensed massage therapist and continuing education provider.
Integrating essential oils into all of the modalities that she has practiced and taught through the years, Frances’s passion is helping others elevate their lives.

For years her ultimate goal had been to get Young Living to Singapore. Having accomplished her goal and built a large team there, she’s more passionate than ever about sharing the products. However, more than growing her business, “growing people” remains her greatest passion. “While Gary Young calls himself a farmer, I refer to myself as a people grower,” Frances says. “I never tire of witnessing growth in others.”

Yonie Bonawi


The aroma of Valor was how it all started for Yonie back in 2011 when she grabbed her first bottle and applied it on her back along her spine. She was captivated by how uplifting the scent was and immediately bought ten bottles from her enroller.

Being a bodywork therapist allows her to incorporate Young Living essential oils and blends in her sessions with her clients. She gets to try and explore oils with her clients to gain more in-depth insights of their uses and benefits. Her passion for helping others transform their lives is the driving force behind her successful Young Living business and team who supports her.

Yonie believes that education and empowerment are essential factors when it comes to building a strong foundation for her business. "I always demonstrate and walk the talk so that my team can emulate. We can excel through duplication! And if each can do that and repeat the same, then it is viable for us to inspire more people and fulfill Gary's vision to have essential oils in every home," Yonie shared..

Vijay and Ulrike Churfuerst Hanzal


After a friend, Dr. Prakama Hauser, MD, shared her experience with Young Living products in 2001, Vijay and Ulrike explored Young Living’s essential oils for themselves and fell in love with them. Though Young Living wasn’t yet in Europe, they became passionate about bringing the products there. This decision was the beginning of a new life for the pair.

Vijay and Ulli have been an instrumental part of Young Living’s growth in Europe, supporting Young Living with translations, customer testimonials, and doing anything else they could to support the market. At the same time, they built their own Young Living business.

“We have learned that we are able to inspire people,” they say. “This is easy because we are 100 percent convinced about the Young Living products and the direct-selling method.”

Kathy Farmer

Colorado, USA

Kathryn Farmer has been an aromatherapist, master herbalist, and holistic health educator for more than 20 years. She began teaching about the benefits of essential oils after experiencing the power of the essential oil blend Joy™. Her passion for Young Living has taken her around the world many times to places such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Europe, Peru, and Central America, to mention only a few.
Prior to discovering Young Living’s essential oils, Kathryn taught dynamic meditation and hands-on healing. Now she is devoted to helping others discover their physical, emotional, and spiritual potential through education and the finest products available.
Among her many positive experiences with Young Living, Kathryn considers her visit to the Young Living farm and distillery in Oman to be a highlight. She especially loved the opportunity to plant a Boswellia sacra tree, the tree that produces the resin from which Sacred Frankincense oil is distilled.

Alyssa and Troy Francis

Texas, USA

An acquaintance on Facebook first told Alyssa Francis about Young Living. She explained how much she and her family loved the oils. Eager to learn more, Alyssa attended her acquaintance’s class. Though both Alyssa and her husband, Troy, doubted that the business model described there was a way to earn income, that doubt quickly dissolved.
In the beginning Alyssa simply wanted to help others while enjoying a way to get her Young Living products paid for. Soon, however, Troy was unexpectedly laid off, and she felt the need to get serious about building a Young Living business. She was first determined to build to a point that she would feel safe if her husband lost his job again. It was during her first convention in 2013 that she decided she wanted to experience true financial freedom.
Today Alyssa is motivated to see others in her organization become empowered to care for their families with Young Living products and financially empowered to live life by design.
“This business has absolutely been the greatest experience for me and my family,” Alyssa says. “It has not been without struggle and pain, but there has also been so much joy along the way. If there is one thing I would say to someone wondering if they are supposed to do this, it would be to not give up. If you have a burning desire to help others, there is no better vehicle than Young Living.”

Carol Yeh-Garner and Scott Garner

California, USA

Carol Yeh-Garner had a successful hypnobirthing therapy practice when she first heard about essential oils. After using health food store brand oils, Carol reached out to a Young Living member to try the “real deal” and has been sharing her passion for Young Living’s pure oils since.

With a resume that includes licensed clinical social worker and hypnobirthing therapist, Carol continues to educate and empower people through her Young Living business. “I’ve always loved sharing and educating people to make better choices for their lives, and Young Living fits right in,” she says.
She believes in putting her whole heart and soul into her business, helping people make good choices, and educating rather than pressuring people into buying product. As part of this approach, Carol works tirelessly to ensure not only her own success but also the success of her team. “The business is changing their lives and the lives of all the people they are sharing oils with. Knowing that we are all changing lives one drop at a time is so rewarding,” she says.

Adam Green


In November 2011, 22-year-old Adam resigned from his position of 2.5 years as a personal trainer and committed full-time to his Young Living business. He looked forward to the ability to control his own destiny and the potential to retire from traditional work in four years instead of forty.
Adam achieved Crown Diamond at only 25 years of age, becoming the youngest person to reach this rank in Young Living’s 20-year history. Today, Adam has found his purpose and is living the life of his dreams. His drive to share Young Living and empower others with their physical and financial health is infectious among his dedicated team members.

Lindsey and Evan Gremont

Texas, USA

Lindsey Gremont worked at IBM for 15 years doing corporate and IT strategy for very large companies, which taught her several valuable lessons about networking. Four years prior to joining Young Living, Lindsey created her Homemade Mommy blog because she loves sharing with others how to provide unprocessed, real food for their families.

After nine months of trying samples from her friends April Pointer and Jen Jordan, Lindsey enrolled with Young Living, though she was so busy with her corporate job and writing two books for her blog that she didn’t jump into the business with both feet. Three months later, she invested the time to try the oils for herself and verify that they helped her and her family. Only then did she start to share with others on her blog.

Lindsey had no idea what her potential would be with Young Living when she started. Once she hit Silver, she knew that she’d be able to reach Diamond rank shortly thereafter. According to Lindsey, “When I set my heart on something, I just do it, and it happens!”

Lindsey's husband, Evan, has now joined her business, and they feel tremendously blessed that Young Living came into their lives.

Marcella Vonn Harting and Jim Harting

Arizona, USA

Marcella Vonn Harting’s journey to the wellness, purpose, and abundance that she enjoys today has its roots in personal challenge: the near death of her infant daughter Kortni more than 20 years ago. After the newborn Kortni survived a traumatic birth and a stint in the intensive care unit, as well as challenges as she continued to grow, Mary Young recommended to Marcella that she try some Young Living products to support the family’s well-being during this difficult time. After seeing the support the oils offered, Marcella became a lifelong believer in the power of essential oils.
“Young Living is who I am,” she declares. “It’s who my family is. We live Young Living and we live it every day. Being able to enjoy and share essential oils with my family is absolutely my biggest joy.”

Jeanmarie Hepworth

Colorado, USA

Jeanmarie has been a leader for Young Living for almost all of Young Living’s 20-year history. She continues to dedicate her time to develop leaders as well as to educate and teach through meetings and written publications throughout the year.
She proudly represents one of the largest organizations within Young Living, which has grown to more than 600,000 members. Her total organization group volume exceeds 30 million per month in product sales.
Jeanmarie has enjoyed a successful career in the sales and marketing of health products nationally and has an extensive background in the banking and insurance industry. She has held the prestigious position of national sales trainer with a Fortune 500 company.
Often asked what her favorite oil is, she is quick to reply that she personally considers each Young Living oil to be a gift from God, so they are all her favorite.

Max and Karen Hopkins

Oklahoma, USA

Karen Hopkins was introduced to Young Living in 2006 as a means to help with overall wellness. She soon began to use essential oil products around the home and began sharing Young Living’s message with others.
Max and Karen both graduated from Oklahoma State University and have three children and five grandchildren. In 2012 Max left his job of 28 years to join Karen full time in her personal mission—traveling around the world to share an inspiring message of wellness and success through the use of Young Living Essential Oils.

Gregg and Carol Johnson

Colorado, USA

Gregg and Carol Johnson have been faithful Young Living product users for nearly 18 years. Their journey began when they were introduced to a Young Living Essential 7 kit in 1995. After Carol found Lavender to be effective in helping soothe her dry skin, she started to believe in the power of oils and experimented with other uses.
Carol says, “Today our home is filled with Young Living products, from toothpaste to diffusers. We love traveling to share the oils and tell others how Young Living has changed our lives.” Gregg adds, “How grateful we are for the healthier and happier lifestyle that we enjoy because of Young Living.”

Joanne Kan and Eric Yang

Hong Kong

Joanne Kan grew up in Hong Kong. After her daughter was born in 2005, she continued to search for high-quality, effective natural solutions to support their overall well-being.

In 2011, after one of her best buddies Patricia Gwee relocated back to Singapore from Hong Kong, Pat introduced her to Young Living. Attracted by the Thieves collection, Joanne joined Young Living and bought a set of Everyday Oils "just in case.”

Joanne credits Young Living with helping her to become a better and more fulfilled person, lead a more wellness-focused lifestyle, and help others to improve their lives. She loves introducing others to Young Living and facilitating their positive personal and professional transformations.

Gretchen King-Ann

Hong Kong

Gretchen King and her family have built a life to be proud of. After meeting the first year in college and dating for seven years, Gretchen and her husband, Andy, began their life together. Now a family of three, and having just celebrated their 10th anniversary, they thrive while using Young Living’s products.
Before discovering Young Living, Gretchen had experience in marketing and other network-marketing companies. She found herself in the midst of a negative experience with other companies, so she took a step back. After being introduced to Young Living, she wasn’t focused on business building. In fact, she was very cautious when it came to network marketing.
Gretchen started attending events, using more of the products, and began learning as much as possible about Young Living. It didn’t take her long to realize that the culture and purpose of Young Living is drastically different from what she was used to. With an invigorated attitude and relying on her strong background in marketing, Gretchen found her voice in Young Living and has enjoyed sharing her love of the products ever since.

For Gretchen, success is about balancing and accomplishing everything. She has a very simple piece of advice for anyone just joining Young Living: Use the oils!

Mark and Melissa Koehler

California, USA

After Melissa Koehler’s friend Lindsay Moreno shared how she was using essential oils with her family, Melissa wanted to know more. For two months Melissa researched essential oils and all the companies that offer them. Ultimately, she decided to join Young Living because of its reputation in the essential oils business.
Because of Young Living, Melissa, Mark, and their family enjoy a lifestyle defined by wellness, and they say that Young Living has changed their lives in more ways than one. One of Melissa’s favorite things about being a leader in Young Living is developing leaders and encouraging her team. She makes the effort to connect with them on a personal level to find out what motivates and drives them.
Melissa is driven by seeing her team grow and feeling excited about what they’re doing. She says that Young Living has “taught me that I can do what I set my mind to. It has taught me about others—that you can’t want something for anyone else, you just have to continue to love and share and not take things personally.”

Jeremiah and Monique McLean

Utah, USA

Monique didn’t intend to try Young Living products, but she was first convinced by a friend to try Lavender essential oil in November 2012. She was blown away by the results. “I decided to get the starter kit,” she says, “and that is where the fun began.”
Although she loved the products, she and her husband Jeremiah found that they didn’t have any room for essential oils in their budget. They decided to improvise: “I needed to be creative if I wanted the promo, so why not share on Facebook how the oils were working for me and see if anyone wanted to add to my order? The response was huge! Since then the journey has snowballed out of control.”
Monique and her husband reached Royal Crown Diamond in April of 2014, and she shares the credit with the great team of people who surround her: her husband and two daughters and the individuals she calls “world changers” in her personal organization. “They are my heroes,” she says. “I am simply having the time of my life.”

Lindsay Teague and Michael Moreno

Colorado, USA

The same thing that motivated Lindsay and her husband, Michael, when they started with Young Living motivates them now. Growing up, Lindsay was deeply affected by watching her mother struggle for her entire life to make ends meet. She never wanted her kids to think about their mother the way she thought about hers—that she never really got the chance to live.
Lindsay and Michael didn’t want to be considered “MLM people.” Following some negative experiences where business builders from other companies prioritized their own financial gain above the needs of the individuals they were supposed to help, they vowed they’d never be those people. “I resisted doing the business of Young Living because I was so turned off by that typical ‘MLM style’ of sales,” Lindsay says, “that is, until God literally forced me into it. It wasn’t until it landed in my lap that I decided to give it a real try.”
Young Living has changed their lives completely, allowing them to meet some of the most important people in their lives and develop relationships with fellow leaders. “Our Young Living business,” Lindsay says, “has connected Michael and me with our goals in a very real way.”

Vicki Opfer

Colorado, USA

Vicki Opfer has more than 40 years of experience being actively engaged in the natural wellness field, and the positive effects of essential oils still astound her. “I’ve seen miracle after miracle,” she says. “I feel extremely blessed to go through life with these extraordinary experiences.”
This recognition of the power of essential oils drives her to share her discoveries with others, while giving them the key to starting their own businesses. “My God-given purpose is to be of service to others,” Vicki says, “and these oils have given me a beautiful way to achieve this purpose every single day. People suffer needlessly, so my goal has become to empower others so that together we can touch the lives of many, many people.”

April and Jay Pointer

Texas, USA

Jay and April Pointer found Young Living in February 2009, incorporating Thieves® and other products into their family’s wellness routine. They used the products for two years before April looked into the Young Living business opportunity. With the humble goal of paying for her oils each month, she got started with some help from her upline leadership and by sponsoring a close friend.
Within a few years of hard work, April’s hobby turned into a successful business that helped her do much more than just pay for essential oils.
She advanced to the rank of Gold, paid off her last debt, and in the same month, Jay was laid off from his corporate job. The Pointers felt that instead of Jay returning to work for someone else, he could work alongside April full time to grow her Young Living business together. At the end of 2014, the couple achieved the rank of Royal Crown Diamond.
They have now committed whole-heartedly to using the knowledge, gifts, and skills God has given them to help others attain the same healthy lifestyle and financial success they have. The couple is overjoyed to share something good and coach their team members to succeed.
They still fill their home with Young Living products, and their family continues to discover new ways to incorporate essential oils into their holistic lifestyle. April's favorite oils are Gratitude™ and Believe™. Jay’s favorite oil is Idaho Blue Spruce.

Debra Raybern

Texas, USA

After learning about natural paths to wellness and earning several holistic certifications—including naturopath, master herbalist, certified nutritional consultant, international certified aromatherapist, and others—Debra Raybern opened a part-time business teaching others about herbs, nutrition, soap making, and bread making. While teaching a class in 1999, an attending student named Valarie Craft introduced her to Young Living essential oils.
After the unexpected death of Debra’s husband in 2002, she was left in need of a greater source of income without sacrificing time with her daughter, whom she was homeschooling at the time. She prayed for an answer about what she needed to do, and the answer she received was that she had been given the oils. Now through her hard work with Young Living, she experiences better health, more time, and greater financial freedom.
“I love sharing the opportunity for both wellness and abundance,” Debra says.

Chérie Ross

Minnesota, USA

Chérie Ross has worked personally and professionally with essential oils for more than 35 years, teaching of their benefits all over the world. She is a certified animal communicator, Karuna Reiki master, and medical intuitive. She is also a sought-after educator in the area of natural health, having been interviewed on a variety of TV and radio shows, including being a featured natural health editor on the radio show Waking Up In America for five years.

Teri Secrest

Colorado, USA

Teri Secrest has been a natural health educator for 25 years. She is the author of Eating Out of Heaven's Garden and numerous DVDs and CDs on vibrant health. She has also been a featured guest on over 50 television and radio shows and has been a keynote speaker at events in many countries around the world, including Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Teri's mission is to change the way the world thinks about wellness.
She is passionate about inspiring and educating people on the benefits of residual income. Teri's joy is mentoring her growing team of international Young Living business owners online—her favorite way to teach and do business is on a boat with her cell phone and computer. Teri and her family reside in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Brenda and Scott Schuler

Minnesota, USA

Brenda was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils when a co-worker shared DiGize™ with her. At first she assumed that her co-worker was offering just another business scheme, but after experiencing results with DiGize™ firsthand, she changed her mind.
Scott was very skeptical of essential oils when Brenda first introduced them. He thought her experience with the oils was all in her head, but over time his own experiences with essential oils convinced him of the power contained in the little amber bottles.
Brenda began building a Young Living business in earnest in 2008, and in 2010 Scott retired to join forces with her. They realized that their combined business-building talents, thirst for continued personal development, care for others, and passion for Young Living could help change countless lives, both physically and financially.

Christa and Jason Smith

Oklahoma, USA

For two years after enrolling with Young Living, Christa and Jason Smith would only share essential oils periodically. Following a transformative event in their family, they began sharing more, but without the intention of growing a business. However, one Silver Retreat they attended represented a turning point. Blown away by the quality of leadership within Young Living, the beautiful farms, and the passionate members, they began to build in earnest.
The Smiths credit one business strategy for some of their most remarkable growth: finding one leader in the downline in whom to invest and to teach that person everything possible about Young Living and the products. “You can tell that one person is ready,” the Smiths say, “because they are the ones who come to your classes, who are willing to invest in themselves, attend the convention, and read books you recommend.”
Christa and Jason believe that true success is living a balanced life and walking in wisdom.

Madison and Tyler Vining

Oklahoma, USA

Madison Vining is an avid photographer, calling herself a “girl with a crazy, spontaneous streak who chases big ideas.” She and her husband, Tyler, have four kids, two of whom the couple adopted. Madison enjoys teaching and has been thrilled to see how so many people from different backgrounds and locations are eager to learn about Young Living products. She and Tyler have a passion for foster care and adoption, as well as service missions—an activity in which the whole family participates.

Vivian Ting Wan

Hong Kong

After joining the Young Living family in February 2014, Vivian Ting Wan became the fastest growing Royal Crown Diamond leader in Asia. She was able to reach Young Living’s top leadership level within 21 months—an incredible pace!
Vivian had no experience with direct sales before joining Young Living, but had a developed knack for marketing. She was a marketing director at an agency that provided digital marketing services. Upon joining, Vivian quickly found her passion of developing leaders in Young Living. On a daily basis, she communicates with her leaders as a resource to them and their teams. Vivian has learned that working hard for what you want is key to achieving your dreams.
She has enjoyed the work-life balance with Young Living and has been able to spend more quality time with her two children and husband. They are passionate about traveling and enjoy making memories together.

Wise Choice Resource Center, Inc.

Minnesota, USA

Connie McDanel strongly believes in an active life and commit to do her best to live a “Young Living lifestyle”. More than 16 years of product experience has confirmed to her that Young Living supports individual and family vitality and fitness. Regardless of an individual’s current level of activity and fitness, the McDanels feel that Young Living can help everyone take their wellness to the next level.
Connie's dream was to create a business focused on serving others and contributing to the greater good, while helping others and themselves succeed financially. With this dream in mind, she has created the Wise Choice Team, a community of people dedicated to elevating all aspects of life. They extend an invitation to anyone who wants to join Young Living and their team: “If you are hungry, coachable, and desire a life beyond a traditional income, then wellness, purpose, and abundance await you with the Wise Choice Team.”

Jill and James Young

New York, USA

With their Young Living family, the Young’s feel like they have found their purpose in life. They love the difference that they are able to make in the lives of others through Young Living’s products and lifestyle and are proud to have friends all across the world from their Young Living business.

Jill considers her introduction to essential oils from her sister as the greatest gift she’s ever received. The Young’s can’t imagine a day without having Young Living essential oils in their lives, and they have a passion for changing people’s lives for the better through the oils.

The Young’s have been together for more than 40 years, have two adult children, and love cooking and traveling as a family. They are also passionate about aiding sheltered animals.