Crown Diamond



Having experienced the phenomenal change that Young Living has brought about in her life, Deny is driven by the desire to help others transform their circumstances; a drive that helped her journey through triumphs and obstacles to reap the success she enjoys today.

Being amongst Young Living’s top leadership, Deny believes sincerity and authenticity are the magnets that attract people’s interest to the company and its products. “Use the products and bring them everywhere. When you love the products and what they can do for you, people will feel that you genuinely love them and will be curious to find out more. Make Young Living a part of your lifestyle,” Deny shared.

Truly infusing YL into her lifestYLe and living every aspect of Young Living’s wellness philosophy, the holder of a Doctorate (Ph.D) in Electronics Engineering and mother of two feels that the overall health of her family has improved dramatically. “Young Living has changed our ways of living. I’ve learnt that I have a choice when it comes to taking care of my family’s wellness,” explained Deny. Intrigued by a holistic approach to wellness, she made a promise to herself that she would reduce reliance on reactive treatments and focus on proactive prevention instead.

Kai Tan


Who would have thought that a chance meeting with Royal Crown Diamond, Frances Fuller (to heed an unusual invitation to taste an essential oil in 2007), but later, avoiding Frances for the next 3 years for fear of being pressured to do the Young Living business; and an unexplainable conviction to fly to Utah in 2010 to join an international convention (when she had no team nor understanding of what Gary’s life-changing vision was about) - will lead Kai to become who she is today?

Today, Kai has the privilege to serve close to 50,000 members worldwide. She is so incredibly thankful to be in a position to be able to intimately know the needs and fears, dreams and joys of a multitude of people across different nations that she may never have known ordinarily. She also had the chance to harvest trees ethically, to replant seedlings for sustainability, to watch her harvest distill into an essential oil; and to have sat in the presence of Gary Young to learn from the maverick himself. These unmatched experiences are just some of the very reasons that have kept Kai in advocacy for the purest essential oils for more than a decade. She now gets to champion alongside millions of other change-makers - this global health movement to put power and health back into the hands of people. Kai’s life has been changed for the better, because of a series of chances that she was given. And a series of choices she found courage to make. She will forever be grateful. And will continue to hold the vision and space for another human’s unfolding through these molecules of a higher power’s most profound love.

Patricia Gwee


Patricia Gwee has found her stride in Young Living. She’s been sharing her passion, enthusiasm, and love for the products and lifestyle and doesn’t plan on pulling back anytime soon. Her goal is to transform as many lives as possible through the power of pure essential oils and service with the underprivileged.

After receiving her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in marketing, Patricia started her first job in marketing research. She then became a recruiter, worked in human resources, and started collecting a range of skills working with people. Due to ongoing health concerns, Patricia quit her traditional career. She then began studying natural wellness.

Patricia was first introduced to Young Living after exhaustively searching for products that were naturally derived and effective for her and her family. She fell in love with Young Living and the versatile products that were quickly helping to support her family’s wellness goals.

In 2015, while juggling the demands of her family and a growing Young Living organization, she became a certified Integrative Health Coach after an intensive, year-long program with New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Drawing from her wellness training and her deep belief in the power of naturally derived wellness solutions, Patricia continues sharing her zeal and passion for holistic wellness. She has found that Young Living’s products support her goal of helping others discover greater wellness in a remarkable way. When she’s not sharing Young Living, Patricia enjoys music, art, and spending time with her family.



Artemis grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and is the daughter of an accountant and a scientist. She also became a scientist, working for the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service and helping to protect Australia’s landscape. When she was 24, she moved into the arena of personal development, studying many wellness modalities.
After attending a businesswomen’s networking meeting and listening to a free cassette on essential oils, her interest was piqued. She finds that working with Young Living essential oils fits right in with her life goal to transform the world for the better. Artemis’s greatest joy is developing leaders and sharing her passion about the products for both humans and animals alike.
“I love that I can remain true to myself in Young Living. I can be me, in all my wondrous, multidimensional aspects,” she says. “This has been an amazing adventure that feeds the soul.”

Hailey and Jeremy Aliff

Louisiana, USA

Hailey comes from a family of essential oil enthusiasts, including family members who have reached Young Living Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks. After her introduction to Young Living, Hailey enrolled to get her own essential oil collection, eventually becoming an active business builder. Jeremy has always been supportive and loves the oils, regularly hosting business meetings to help get other men involved in the opportunity.
After dating for several years in college, Hailey and Jeremy got married three years ago. Hailey is a college graduate who completed midwife school in 2013, the same year that she was introduced to Young Living. In addition to sharing essential oils, she’s passionate about being a midwife.
Hailey and Jeremy relish the opportunity to do what they love with their family. Together, Hailey and Jeremy set goals and follow a daily to-do list to stay on track and focused as a team. By setting quarterly goals, aiming high with big objectives and ideas, and consistently re-evaluating their lives, the Aliffs feel like they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Nicole Barczak

Michigan, USA

Nicole Barczak never saw herself becoming involved with essential oils or network marketing. However, following her experiences with Young Living products and the satisfaction of sharing them with others, Nicole has worked to join the top ranks of Young Living leaders. She enjoys every part of her leadership role, including learning about alternative wellness solutions, connecting with old and new friends, and helping others.

When she isn’t sharing her passion for Young Living and training her team, Nicole is a teacher who mentors struggling readers and works to instill a love for books in her students. Nicole married her high school sweetheart, and she and her husband are parents to two children. The family has two dogs and two cats.

Nicole defines herself as a planner—very organized and sometimes bossy. Her hobbies include photography, scrapbooking, sewing, house projects, and gardening.

Terry and Ladonna Beals

Oklahoma, USA

Terry and Ladonna Beals have been busy sharing their passion for Young Living for many years. After meeting one another at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, the Beals began their journey together. Ladonna first became interested in Young Living after a class at a friend’s home and experiencing the Raindrop Technique®. Since then, Young Living has become a family tradition for the Beals. Not only are Terry and Ladonna leaders within Young Living, but all four of their children are also Young Living members.
The Beals have lived their passion for helping others enjoy life with optimal wellness, purpose, and abundance. Young Living has provided a foundation of confidence for both Terry and Ladonna.
In their free time the Beals enjoy a range of hobbies. Ladonna loves reading, cooking, going on walks, and mentoring women. Terry spends his time woodworking, gardening, and enjoying history documentaries. This dynamic couple has a lot of plans for the future.

Crystal and Verick Burchfield

Missouri, USA
Verick and Crystal Burchfield began their Young Living journey when Crystal became a casual Young Living member. When she ordered her first Starter Kit, she simply felt too busy to stay on top of orders and run a business. A year later, however, Crystal found herself sharing what had become a passion for essential oils and, quite unexpectedly, growing her business. At the encouragement of her upline, she spoke at an essential oils class, and not long after she was hosting online discussions and conference calls. In 2014 Verick was able to retire and join Crystal full time.

Now the couple uses their lifestyle and abundance to add hope and meaning to their lives and the lives of others. They’ve worked as a team to homeschool four children ranging from kindergarten to high school while living on a hobby homestead where they care for bees, chickens, and an organic garden. Additionally, the Burchfields have worked to raise awareness and support for victims of worldwide human trafficking, and they support missionaries in Guatemala who run a home for at-risk children.

Through it all, Crystal and Verick strive to find balance between faith, family, and purpose. They put their trust in their belief system and strive to seek after success that glorifies their faith. Their hard work, dedication, and concern for others has helped them build genuine relationships that further their happiness and success.

Courtney and John Critz

Texas, USA

Before she joined Young Living, an acquaintance invited Courtney Critz to a class about using essential oils.The wellness-focused lifestyle discussed in that class was already familiar to Courtney. She had spent years working on her family’s diet and removing harsh chemicals from their lifestyle. She felt that Young Living was a beautiful fit that took her hard work to a whole new level.
She started sharing because she was passionate about wellness and quickly saw that Young Living was far easier to share than all the companies she had tried in the past. When she saw how many lives were changed through the products and business opportunity, her passion for helping people motivated her to see how many she could take along on her incredible journey.
Courtney is highly goal-oriented and kept constant goals in front of her as she built her business. Now her goals are mostly for the leaders and members in her team. “I want them all to achieve all that they dream of,” she says.

Sha-Faun Enterprises, Shauna Dastrup

Utah, USA

Shauna Dastrup and her late husband, Richard, have created a memorable story. The Dastrups grew up in central Utah and met in high school where they became sweethearts. Their marriage in 1965 kicked off a new chapter in their lives that included college, starting businesses, and establishing a beautiful family.
Following a move to St. George, Utah, Shauna and Richard were introduced to Young Living in 1995. Soon after, they decided to make a career change from their successful floor covering business and an overall lifestyle change through Young Living. Having no experience with network marketing, the Dastrups relied on their entrepreneurial spirits to build their Young Living business and found success through their leadership and business know-how.
The Dastrups have four children—all of whom are Young Living members—fifteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Some of Shauna’s favorite memories include her family’s summer retreat where they spend precious time together. Shauna continues to serve others and live her life by example.

Danette and Jim Goodyear

Texas, USA

A longtime child sponsor through the Young Living Foundation, Dannette Goodyear has been instrumental in organizing successful fundraising events that generate thousands of dollars to support the philanthropic work of the foundation.
Danette is an inspiring example of selfless generosity to her team and community and embodies a loving and giving spirit. She is well-known in her community for her efforts to volunteer her time and talents in assisting many service organizations.

Mary Hardy

Michigan, USA

Mary joined Young Living in 1995 after listening to D. Gary Young lecture on the power of essential oils. Gary’s teachings answered many of the questions that she had about natural wellness. The lecture gave her the opportunity to experience the power of oils in her life and share that power with others.
A graduate of Western Michigan University, Mary taught physical education for 20 years. However, in 1980 she quit teaching, due to a prolonged illness. She decided to study natural healing and earned a PhD in Homeopathy and Nutrition from the Missouri College of Naturopathic Physicians in 1985. She continued to research natural healing until joining Young Living five years later.
She believes strongly that fulfillment in life comes from serving others, and she is grateful that Young Living helps her achieve that end. “My mission in life is to be a servant,” she says, “and Young Living has provided me with this wonderful opportunity.”

Prakama and Markus Hauser


Dr. Hauser has been involved with Young Living since 2001, when she was introduced to the essential oils by a friend. When she met Gary and Mary for the first time, she knew that her purpose was to bring Young Living to Europe.
Markus’ first experience with essential oils came when Dr. Hauser introduced him to Joy™ oil blend and to the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture™ kit. His life and well-being improved so much that he decided to become a Young Living member and share essential oils with others.
Says Dr. Hauser, “My partner Markus and I love to inspire, nourish, and teach from our hearts many different themes about these precious oils and all other YL products.”
Markus is inspired by the vision of helping others through Young Living. “I was so impressed by the quality of the oils that I needed to share the opportunity of the Young Living lifestyle around the world,” he says.

Darren and Sera Johnson

Texas, USA

It is Darren and Sera Johnson’s mission to help families take control of their wellness. As Young Living members and leaders, they actively educate people on essential oils, traveling around the country to speak at events like fairs and conventions.

Chip and Kathy Kouwe

New York, USA

The Kouwe’s were proud owners and operators of a golf course for seven years before they turned their attention to running their Young Living business full time. They were able to quickly earn enough to sell the course and focus on helping others through Young Living’s products. Now, in their own words, they “eat, breathe, and sleep YL.”

Of all Young Living’s products, Kathy is particularly passionate about Valor® and Joy™ essential oil blends and uses them daily. She loves seeing Young Living’s products and business opportunity change people’s lives and the passion and excitement that follow.

The Kouwe’s Young Living lifestyle has allowed them to enjoy their 94-acre property, travel to places they had never even dreamed about, and meet hundreds of wonderful people around the world whom they now call friends. Besides their Young Living business, the Kouwe’s are passionate about faith, family, and riding their motorcycles.

Diane Mora

Colorado, USA

Prior to joining Young Living, Diane Mora worked for the Xerox Corporation for 25 years. Over the years she had learned a lot about health and network marketing and even tried joining a few other companies. However, she was completely smitten the first time she saw Gary Young speak in Denver in 1993. He was so dynamic and was an instant hit with everyone at the meeting. Many people enrolled that night, but Diane waited until June of 1995 to enroll with the sponsor of her choice, Marie Bustos, who Diane found was an excellent teacher and mentor.
She could see the company’s potential because of both Gary’s charisma and the wealth of excellent information about essential oils. She started traveling to teach with a member of her downline and found that everyone they spoke with was very receptive.
“I always tell my folks,” she says, “‘the bigger your commission check gets, the more people you have helped!’ It’s just great!”

Anita Ochsenhofer


Anita Ochsenhofer isn’t a rookie when it comes to network marketing. Her mother has more than 15 years of network marketing experience and continues to share the knowledge of the industry with her. Anita attributes much of her success to her parents’ great attention to instilling a sense of independence, education, and diligence in her.

Before Young Living, Anita’s career background ranged from the automotive industry to stock trading to massage therapy. Having a unique history has allowed Anita to support her business and support her Young Living downline every day—something that she feels is one of the most important routines for success.

Her Young Living momentum continues as she looks to continue growing her Young Living business. Anita’s definition of success is simple: setting and achieving goals that are connecte d to what matters most to her.

Nathan and Jessica Petty

California, USA

Despite not having any previous network-marketing experience, Jessica and Nathan Petty have risen to the top ranks of Young Living membership through their passion for the people and the products. Their desire for natural wellness solutions for themselves and their family led them to Young Living, and they quickly fell in love with the power and purity of essential oils. In fact, Jessica left her 14-year-old financial advisement practice to build her Young Living business full time just two months after she became a member!
The Petty’s favorite Young Living products are Peace & Calming®, Frankincense, and Thieves®. Even though they’ve accomplished so much already, the Petty’s have many more things they want to achieve. They’re focused on helping many more of the members of their organization succeed in their goals and dreams.

When they’re not engaged in sharing the Young Living lifestyle with others, the Petty’s love spending time with their four children. Nathan loves to play the drums, surf, and do photography. Jessica is passionate about reading, meditation, and yoga.

Melissa Poepping

Minnesota, USA

When the Poepping’s first experienced Young Living essential oils, they felt that the benefits were phenomenal and felt obligated to share the oils with others. Just a few short years later, they have reached one of the company’s top ranks and have positively influenced hundreds of thousands of people across the world.
Melissa’s favorite Young Living product is Believe™ essential oil blend, which she diffuses every morning in her family’s home to help them achieve new dreams, goals, and believe in their highest potential.
Melissa believes that she has an unstoppable group of leaders on her team with a contagious passion for sharing Young Living, and her organization’s immense success is a result of team effort. Melissa and Wayne are the proud parents of three children and love the freedom and time with their family that the Young Living lifestyle has given them.

Doug and Jordan Schrandt

Missouri, USA

When Doug and Jordan Schrandt were introduced to Young Living, they saw it as a catalyst to transform their family’s life. As Young Living leaders, they are committed to teaching people how to clean, eat, and live cleaner. The Schrandts are people-focused and are committed to helping others live happy, wellness-focused lives.

Callie and Jeremy Shepherd

Oklahoma, USA
Callie Shepherd grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, with wonderful parents who showed her how to live with joy and contentedness despite tight financial times. She heard her first Young Living presentation in Duncan, Oklahoma, and was so impressed that she ordered her first kit. Callie knew that there were several young mom friends back in her hometown who would be interested in these naturally derived products.
“I see so many moms who are looking for supplemental income,” Callie says, “and I love providing free tools and training to help them maximize the time that they do have to make their Young Living business as streamlined and easy to manage as possible.”
This year Callie’s husband, Jeremy, joined on to share Young Living full time, and she’s thrilled about the opportunity to partner with him. “It has been such a treat to have Jeremy around, and although he stays very busy with all of our projects, it's a blessing that the kids are able to connect with and spend time with their dad, when before it was only on weekends and a couple hours in the evening.”
Callie especially loves developing leaders and has created online business training with videos and tools that are free to the business builders on her team. These tools empower even the most unlikely person to take building a Young Living business by the horns!

Sharnael Wolverton

Louisiana, USA

Sharnael Wolverton loves public speaking, as well as training and coaching various groups of individuals who want to focus on their wellness. She uses Young Living products every day and has a strong conviction that they have changed her life and those of many others around her.

Kelli and Les Wright

Alabama, USA

Kelli Wright attributes her drive to work hard and be her best self to her father’s example. Before joining Young Living, Kelli channeled this drive into the unique occupation of restoring, painting, and selling furniture. She was also an avid blogger in the DIY industry and a rep for her friend’s milk paint line for the state of Alabama. Young Living represented a completely different path for her.
Kelli’s friend Crystal Burchfield introduced her and her husband, Les, to Young Living. Though she never pressured her into joining the business, Crystal did coach Kelli in how to use the oils and prayed for the Wright family daily. “What sold me on Young Living,” Kelli says, “was the passion for the products and the remarkable quality that I believed would be difficult to find anywhere else on Earth.”
After discovering how essential oils impacted their family, Kelli became dedicated to sharing the products with others. It is her deepest passion to help fulfill Young Living’s mission of bringing pure, authentic essential oils to every home.

Dietfried Wruss


Dietfried Wruss grew up in Graz, a town in southern Austria. After his strict upbringing and years in the army, he pursued an education in economy and law. However, he longed for the independence that comes from owning a business, and he felt the need to help others find a better life. When Young Living came along, he discovered that everyone can find freedom, balance, and abundance—and he couldn’t wait to share it.

Since starting his Young Living journey, Dietfried’s life has changed drastically. He met his sweetheart, Alexandra, at an Austrian Young Living event in 2008. The two hit it off right from the start, and their relationship has only continued to deepen and grow. Dietfried says that Alexandra is much more than a spouse, partner, and good friend; to him, their relationship is more beautiful than anything he could have dreamed of. Although he frequently travels, Dietfried is always grateful to spend time at home with Alexandra and their children.

Dietfried loves that at Young Living’s foundation is the opportunity for individuals to live a better life, and when he’s sharing Young Living, he looks for people who are ready for make their dreams come true. His best advice to people who are just beginning their journey? Remember that your business starts with you, so discover who you are and never stop growing. Once you realize that life has unlimited potential, you can find true success doing what you love with passion and freedom.

Myra and Ernie Yarbrough

Alabama, USA

Proud parents of three children (two toddler sons and one newborn daughter), Myra and Ernie Yarbrough thrive on creating a healthy, happy home and sharing their love of wellness with everyone they meet. After being introduced to Young Living by Alyssa Francis nearly four years ago, Myra and Ernie have found their passion for Young Living.

While they initially joined with no plan to build their Young Living business, the Yarbroughs created an incredible story—and the best part is they aren’t stopping anytime soon. So what’s their next chapter? Royal Crown Diamond with the ultimate goal of helping all of their team members rank up!

The Yarbroughs have overcome huge fears and obstacles in their lives through Young Living’s personal and professional development. Myra attributes a lot of their success to the high-quality products and company culture.

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