We are pleased to announce the start of the “Premium Membership Launch Campaign”.

On Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00 a.m., we started accepting new registrations for the new “Premium Member” type of membership.
We have prepared two kinds of special promotions to celebrate the introduction of this service. Whether you are a new member or already member, please take this opportunity to join us.

Campaign 1: November only! Up to 30% points can be returned!

Subjects: Newly registered as a Sharing Member or Premium Member during November.

Period: November 1st (Sunday) – November 30th (Monday)

If you register as a Sharing Member or Premium Member during the qualifying period, you will receive 20% of the total PV of purchases made in November as ” YL Otoku-bin Points (ER points) “ for the following month.

Initial order method: General order, YL Otoku-bin (ER) order


The first order of this campaign is eligible for reward points for both ” General order ” and “ER order ” but In order to receive points, you must set up your “ER order ” for the following December.

You will receive 20% of the PV of purchases made during November, not just the total PV of your first order.

After registration, you cannot change the initial order. Please be careful when you register.

Campaign 2: Sharing members only! 20,000 YL Value Coupon Point Split Campaign !

Subject: Sharing members

Period: November 1st (Sunday) – November 30th (Monday)

Description: 20,000 YL Otoku-bin Points(ER points) (equivalent to approximately 2.2 million yen) will be distributed among the Share Winners based on the total number of “shares” earned in accordance with the following items 1 to 4, and the YL Otoku-bin Points(ER points) will be awarded on December 25th.

Up to 900 YL points per person

【How to earn market share】

1.Instagram Posts

20 posts, 20 shares.

If you have more than 20 posts, add one share per post.

2.Placement of new member registrations (of any type)

100 shares per person.

(Any type of membership and shopping memberships are acceptable.)

Products purchased at the time of registration must have a minimum of 50PV

3.Rank up your own rank.

200 shares, regardless of rank.

(As long as it’s up in rank compared to October 2020.)

4.Achieve your own Silver Bound or Bridge to Gold

200 shares, regardless of rank.

If you stack your ranks up in November and get a silver-bound bonus, you’ll get it.


・If you are a new member, you must be registered as a Japanese member.

・Please note that the “Story function” of Instagram does not count the number of shares posted.

・Those who achieve rank ups and silver bounces will earn 400 shares.

・Participants in October’s Instagram sharing campaign will also earn an additional 100 shares if they meet the requirements for November.

For more information on the campaign, click here.