Your family deserves the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Quality is how we show our loved ones we care for them and their safety and wellness. To give you that quality, Young Living relies on only clean, premium ingredients, the way nature intended. We respect and revere the land that blesses us with all we have. It’s up to us all to sustain, protect, and support the earth, so we can continue to benefit from its natural gifts.

To accomplish this, we’re always looking for sustainable, earth-friendly ways to keep our farms and the aromatic plants they produce clean and high quality.

Here are just a few steps we’ve taken:

Striving for zero waste

No goal is worthwhile if it’s easy to achieve. Young Living works hard to reach our goal to produce zero waste on our farms. We haven’t accomplished it yet, but our efforts have earned our farms a Green Business of the Year and a Recycler of the Year award.

Maintaining high sustainability standards

For us, sustainability means using aromatic plants that are produced with strict environmental ethics. We’re committed to providing products that you can enjoy with a clean conscience.

Keeping products clean

We use only the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, so you and your family can avoid the harsh chemicals found in many mainstream products. Young Living products forgo the use of more than 2,500 harmful ingredients and rely on only clean, premium ingredients, the way nature intended.

It’s easier than ever to swap out conventional cleaners with plant-based, naturally derived products! To help out, here’s a quick graphic showing which essential oils can replace your typical go-to house cleaning products.

Looking for a way to celebrate the natural benefits of essential oils? Join us for International Essential Oils Day (IEOD) on July 11!

Stay tuned for our further updates! You will have more tips to celebrate IEOD and share your clean-living story with those closest to you!

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