As an office lady working as full-time, is everyday working life leaving you drained? Getting stuck by piles of work and projects at office, meeting tons of deadline everyday easily lead you feel exhausted. Let’s have a break to release your stress and uplift your energy! Take a few deep breaths and simply enjoy the aromatic benefits of Young Living’s essential oils. Are you ready? Breath in, Breath out……

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

🍊For planning your schedule – Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend

Get started your working day by taking just five minutes to create a to-do list for the day. Put the important or overwhelming items at the top of the list, so you can finish them first and skip all-day stressing! Don’t forget to diffuse Citrus Fresh for an empowering aroma to get those pesky tasks written down and boost your sparks of creativity!


Joy Essential Oil

😀Finding joy in your working day – Joy Essential Oil Blend

When you get stuck by a difficult task or long meetings, celebrate the hard work and diffuse Joy. Keep the pleasant vibes flowing around your office for its warm, inviting aroma. You can even spread good vibes to colleagues sitting aside you!


Rosemary Essential Oil

🌱For increasing clarity to finish work – Rosemary Essential Oil

Find a moment of clarity. Rosemary Essential Oil’s complex, woodsy aroma is perfect when you need to take a moment to refocus. If you’re mixing essential oils, try putting it in an essential oil diffuser recipe that features citrus essential oils. The bright freshness of citrus will complement the herby aroma and bring energy to the diffuser blend.


Lavender Vitality

🍸Keeping hydrated throughout the day – Lavender Vitality 

Drinking water throughout the day is essential not only for skin benefits, but to help you to get your mind clear! Next time if you get stuck by a client’s call , skip the cup of coffee and try adding Lavender Vitality to your water or drinks for a calming influence. Our Lavender Hot Chocolate and Honey Lavender Lemonade might be the drinks refreshing your mind instantly!

Lavender Vitality Chocolate

Honey Lavender Lemonade

Slique Bars

🍰For mid-day cravings – Slique Bars 

Got afternoon cravings? Fight back with the nutritious snack instead of chips or chocolates that helps you feel fuller and longer. These gluten-free Slique Bars are high in fiber to help you feel full without excess calories. Keep it in your office desk when hunger cravings and you can’t make a nutritious meal.


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