Dolphin Reef Diffuser Cover 海豚扩香器罩套

独家呈献的Dolphin Reef 海豚扩香器罩盖经特别设计,适合与Young Living 专有的可相互替换扩香器电机(分开出售)使用,具有淘气的海豚妈妈带着她的小海豚,畅游在粉红色海绵喷发的彩色照明蒸汽中。 缤纷的珊瑚、海星,海葵和珍珠巨蛤将捕捉孩子们的想象力,把他们运送到海底奇幻世界,并享受扩香Young Living 100% 纯净精油的效益。


• 四种白色底板柔和LED夜灯,具有开/关设置。
• 六种蒸汽LED 灯光设置 (红、白、青、蓝、交替,以及关灯)
• 电源和灯光控制钮
• 可用来存放珠宝和其他小物件的巨蛤。

内含: Dolphin Reef 海豚扩香器罩盖 (扩香机分开出售)

尺寸:27.5 x 26.6 x 24.8 公分



1. Remove motor lid.
2. Add room-temperature tap water until level reaches, but does not exceed, the water fill line. (Always unplug the diffuser when filling or emptying the water reservoir.)
3. Add 5-8 drops of Young Living essential oil.
4. Place the lid back onto the motor.
5. Plug the power line plug into the motor.
6. Place the diffuser cover onto the motor and press down on the cover to ensure that the connecting latches click to the locked position.
7. Plug the power adaptor into a power outlet.
8. Press the Power button to turn on the diffuser.
9. To remove the cover from the diffuser motor, press both cover release buttons (C) at the same time, and then lift the cover off of the motor.