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Essential Rewards points are one of the ways that we love to give back to Young Living members! When you sign up for Essential Rewards, not only do you get your monthly order shipped to you automatically, but you also get to enjoy points that can be used toward your favorite products, and loyalty gifts for consecutive orders. To help you get started, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Essential Rewards:


T: Bagaimanakah cara mendaftar ke program Essential Rewards?

J: Anda dapat mendaftar melalui salah satu dari dua cara yang mudah ini:
1. Online melalui Virtual Office
2. Lewat telepon di nomor (+62)21-80825999

T: Bolehkah saya mengubah barang di dalam order Essential Rewards dan masih menerima semua manfaat program ini?
J: Ya. Anda dapat mengubah barang kapan saja sampai pukul 12 tengah malam, MT (Mountain Time), pada tanggal pemrosesan Anda (yang mana ditentukan oleh Anda saat Anda mendaftar pada program ini).

T: Bolehkah saya mengubah order Essential Rewards secara online?
J: Ya. Anda dapat mengubah order Essential Rewards secara online kapan saja. Namun, Anda harus menghubungi Pelayanan Pelanggan untuk membatalkan order.

T: If I wish to cancel my enrollment in the Essential Rewards program, can I do so online?
No. All Essential Rewards enrollment cancellations must be over the phone with one of our helpful Member Services agents.

T: Do I need to place an order every month?
Yes. The Essential Rewards program offers rewards for shipments that process each month. Earning loyalty gifts and reward points, and maintaining higher reward points percentages are contingent upon placing consecutive orders.

T: Is a grace month still offered?
As of November 1, 2016, the option to select a grace month is no longer available. Members will not be able to select this option online or call and request it through Member Services. If a member misses two or more orders within a year, he or she will have to start over with loyalty gift qualification and will begin accumulating points again at the 10 percent level. Any previously earned loyalty gifts will not be available upon requalification.

Hadiah yang Didapat

T: How do I earn gifts through the Essential Rewards program?
J: When you automatically place consecutive Essential Rewards orders, you can earn exclusive gifts. You’ll qualify for these gifts when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. After 12 months, you’ll receive gifts after every additional 12 months of consecutive orders.

T: How will I receive my gift?
The gift will be added automatically to the next processed Essential Rewards order. For example, if a member reaches his or her third month in November, the gift for the third month would be added to the Essential Rewards order in December.

T: If I earn a gift and then don’t process an order, can I re-earn that gift?
No. You may only earn each gift one time. For example, you might earn the three-month gift and later cancel your Essential Rewards orders. If you start Essential Rewards again, the next gift you’ll be eligible for will be the six-month gift, not a second three-month gift. If you cancel your Essential Rewards order the month after you’ve earned a gift, the gift will come with your next processed Essential Rewards order, should you choose to reactivate in the program.

T: If I already have an active Essential Rewards order processing monthly, how do I receive my gift?
We began tracking members’ consecutive Essential Rewards orders starting in September 2016, including the orders of those who maintained active Essential Rewards orders prior to this time. This means that September was the first month for everyone to begin qualifying for Essential Rewards gifts for consecutive orders. Once a member achieves the threshold to receive a gift, it will be delivered with the next processed Essential Rewards order.

T: What products are being offered as loyalty gifts?
For the United States, the gifts are as follows:
3-month gift: Orange essential oil, 15 ml
6-month gift: Grapefruit essential oil, 15 ml
9-month gift: Raven essential oil blend, 15ml
12-month gift: Loyalty, an exclusive blend formulated by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young specifically for Essential Rewards members who order for 12 months!

T: What happens if a gift is out of stock?
If a gift is out of stock, a substitute will be made for another product of similar retail value.

Poin yang Didapat

T: Berapakah poin yang saya dapatkan untuk order Essential Rewards?
Anda akan menerima poin berdasarkan persentase dari PV setiap order Essential Rewards. Persentase yang Anda terima tergantung dari berapa bulan Anda telah order Essential Rewards secara berturut-turut. Tidak ada batas untuk jumlah poin yang Anda bisa dapatkan dalam sebulan.
1–3 bulan: 10 persen dari PV setiap order Essential Rewards
4–24 bulan: 20 persen dari PV setiap order Essential Rewards
25+ bulan: 25 persen dari PV setiap order Essential Rewards

T: How do I know at which percentage I’m earning points after the change in September 2016?
All members who have previously processed consecutive Essential Rewards orders will earn points in the new system based on how many consecutive Essential Rewards orders they placed prior to September 1, 2016. For example, a member who has processed 18 consecutive Essential Rewards orders will be at the 20 percent level. An individual who has processed 28 consecutive Essential Rewards orders will begin at the 25 percent level.

T: Apakah ada PV minimum untuk order saya?
Ya. Order Essential Rewards bulanan Anda harus minimal 50 PV.

Poin untuk Ditukar

T: Bagaimanakah cara menukar poin hadiah?
J: Anda dapat menukarkan poin Anda secara online atau dengan menghubungi Pelayanan Pelanggan di (+62)21-80825999.
T:Berapakah poin yang boleh saya tukarkan setiap bulannya?

J: Anda dapat menukar sampai dengan 350 poin per bulan.

T: Jika saya membatalkan order Essential Rewards, apakah saya akan kehilangan poin saya?
J: Jika Anda membatalkan order Essential Rewards, Anda akan kehilangan semua poin Essential Rewards Anda yang belum digunakan, dan partisipasi bulanan Anda dalam program, jika dilanjutkan, akan dimulai ulang di tingkat 10 persen.

T: Apakah poin yang didapat dari produk yang dikembalikan akan tetap saya miliki?
J: Anda akan kehilangan poin yang didapatkan dari produk yang kemudian Anda kembalikan.

T: Secepat apakah saya dapat menukarkan poin yang saya dapatkan?
J: Anda mendapatkan poin segera setelah order Anda dikirim. Anda dapat menukarkan poin kapan saja setelah Anda telah berpartisipasi dalam program selama dua bulan.

T: Ketika menukarkan poin, apakah saya mendasarkannya pada harga rupiahnya atau jumlah PV di daftar harga?
Ketika menukarkan poin Essential Rewards, gunakan jumlah PV dan bukannya nilai rupiahnya. Contohnya, jika Anda memiliki 50 poin, Anda dapat menukarkannya untuk segala produk yang memiliki nilai PV sampai dengan 50. Poin hanya dapat ditukar untuk produk dengan nilai PV penuh.

T: Bolehkah saya menggunakan poin untuk produk promosi, seperti barang yang didiskon?
J: Anda dapat membeli semua produk yang biasanya tersedia dengan harga normal sebagai bagian dari order Essential Rewards Anda, tetapi Anda tidak akan menerima harga diskon jika barang merupakan bagian dari order poin Essential Rewards. Beberapa barang promosi mungkin sama sekali tidak tersedia untuk dibeli menggunakan poin Essential Rewards. Hubungi Pelayanan Pelanggan di (+62)21-80825999 jika ada pertanyaan mengenai barang tertentu.

T:Apakah poin saya bisa kedaluwarsa?
J: Ya. Poin yang belum digunakan kedaluwarsa setiap 12 bulan, berarti 12 bulan setelah poin didapatkan.


T: Bolehkah saya menggunakan poin Essential Rewards untuk membayar biaya pengiriman?
J: Tidak. Poin hanya boleh ditukarkan untuk produk dengan nilai PV penuh saja.