Lori holds a Bachelor of Design, which helps her approach problem-solving with creative gusto. In previous professional roles with Travel Alberta and creative agencies that supported high-profile clients such as SunRype and Honda Motor Company, she received multiple accolades for her work.

When Lori isn’t leading teams to new heights, she can be found with her husband and two daughters skiing, doing yoga, hiking, or playing music. Lori also loves riding her motorcycle in the mountains. Her favorite Young Living product isNingXia Red, a fitting choice for her family’s adventurous and active lifestyle.

Jeffrey Pearson

U.S. General Manager

Jeffrey Pearson began shaping U.S. Sales at Young Living in March of 2016 and has shown himself to be an innovative leader in the multiple positions he’s held at Young Living, including Regional Sales Director and Senior Director of U.S. Sales. He plays an integral part at Young Living, using his versatile skill set to bring new advancements to our member experience while maintaining our fundamental values. He also creates a clear strategy for our Young Living leaders that enables them to reach their goals, including launching many field-focused initiatives such as leader development programs and training, event strategies, and leader support structure.

Jeff’s 12 years of professional experience reflect his love for direct sales companies. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in marketing, he worked in direct sales and admired the business plan and people working in the industry. As he worked in a variety of sales and marketing positions in multimillion-dollar markets, he became extremely passionate about helping people reach their business goals and achieve their full potential. He continues to believe in the importance of personal development and maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance.

Jeffrey and his wife of 13 years, Natalie, have four beautiful girls: Brynlie, Hallie, Ellie, and Avrie. When Jeffrey’s not spending time with his daughters, he loves to golf, wake surf, boat, play tennis, or do just about anything in the sun. He’s a huge sports fan and loves supporting BYU and the Utah Jazz.

He truly cares about our members and is proud to be a part of the Young Living family.While he loves many Young Living products, his favorites includeNingXia Red®,Thieves®, andFrankincense.

Kristen Tod

General Manager, Australia

Kristen has more than 18 years of experience in the direct sales industry, both as a distributor and a successful corporate business development and sales leader. She has been with Young Living since 2014 and has directed the company’s growth and transition to a new headquarters in Sydney. She leads with her passion to help others build their own businesses and achieve their goals.

People are drawn to Kristen’s charismatic approach and are empowered by her hands-on mentoring and management. Under her leadership, Young Living has risen to become the largest network marketing company in Australia.

Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband and her son. She is also a passionate jewelry designer in her spare time, purchasing many pieces at auctions and redesigning them. For years, even before she joined the Young Living team, Kristen has been using Young Living’sLavenderessential oil to unwind before bed.

Tyler Williams

General Manager, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Tyler has been with Young Living since 2009, and he currently manages operations for the Greater China regions, including customer service, logistics and supply chain, and sales and marketing. With more than 13 years of experience in the network marketing industry and a strong background in international development, Tyler was instrumental in opening and growing new markets in the region. He has expanded sales in the region, rapidly making it one of the top three markets for Young Living.

In addition to his industry experience, he has an extensive background in international business, particularly Asian operations management, product development and marketing, sales, strategic planning, and implementation.

Tyler and his wife have two daughters, and he loves to spend time with them. He also enjoys basketball, wakeboarding, hiking, and rock climbing. He supplements his healthy lifestyle withThieves® Vitality™.

Yu Ohki

General Manager, Japan

As a native of Japan, Yu brings a global perspective to any role, which has made him a valuable asset to many companies with an international focus. Yu joined the Young Living team in 2014, and prior to his role as Country Manager of Japan, he held the titles of Director of Online Marketing and Director of Global Sales and Business Innovation. In these roles, Yu’s work focused on enabling and incentivizing members to help them build their best businesses.

Yu’s previous work within the direct sales world has included not only responsibilities as a manager but as a distributor as well. With this real-world experience, Yu retains a hands-on approach and down-to-earth attitude to offer empowering solutions to members and executives.

Some of Yu’s favorite Young Living products includePeppermintessential oil and any citrus oil—especiallyCitrus Fresh™andLemon. He also likes to useDeep Relief™andFrankincensefor their grounding aromas, which allow him to reset and recharge.

Karen Cornejo

Country Manager, Singapore

Karen Cornejo has been with Young Living since the Singapore office opened in 2011, starting as the sales and marketing director of Southeast Asia. Karen has worked to fuel a passion for Young Living throughout the region. Her creativity and innovation have led to initiatives that contribute to the continuous growth of the Singapore market.

Karen graduated with a degree in finance from De La Salle University and an Executive MBA from the Singapore Management University. She has been involved with the direct selling industry since 2003, and she brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing from her work with Avon and Amway in the Philippines.

She loves yoga and says she can’t go a day without it. Karen has taken her passion even further by becoming a certified yoga teacher and loves teaching Young Living-infused yoga whenever she has the opportunity. Her favorite oil is Young Living’sIdaho Blue Spruce, which she uses for meditation and inspiring creativity from within.

Travis Miller

Country Manager, Ecuador
Travis Miller began at Young Living in 2015. During that time he has served in various roles at the company, including Brand Ambassador manager and NFR manager. In his time at Young Living, Travis has established himself as a proven and capable leader with a background in international business. His background, skills, and drive will greatly benefit our members in Ecuador as he takes on his new role serving our Latin America members.

Travis graduated with a degree in international business from Utah Valley University and an MBA from Westminster College. This ambitious educational background, combined with more than seven years of experience as a financial and direct marketing entrepreneur, will serve him as he seeks to further the mission of Young Living in Ecuador. He’s particularly passionate about the role he’ll play in mentoring and empowering other employees and members to achieve their potential.
When he isn’t working to help bring essential oils to the world, Travis can be found spending time with his family; his wife, Jacey; and two sons, Julian and Roman. To kick back and relax, he enjoys playing sports or attending sporting events. Not surprisingly, his favorite oil isR.C.™—it’s the perfect companion to his daily workout sessions; and he never travels withoutLife 9™ as he explores different cuisines around the world.

Dyah Ayu Mantili

Country Manager, Indonesia

Dyah Mantili, or “Tili”, joins us from Indonesia, where she developed her diverse global management background. She is a seasoned direct selling professional whose experience extends to Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Pakistan as well. Before joining Young Living, Tili was Vice President of Sales for one of the largest direct selling companies in Indonesia.

Tili’s unique strengths and insights include expertise in field engagement. Helping others advance and grow their businesses is one of her passions. Young Living’s exceptional products and family-like culture drew her to the team at the end of 2017.
When Tili isn’t busy supporting the passions and pursuits of Young Living members, she enjoys cozying up with a good book and diffusing her favorite Young Living product:Stress Away™.

Vance Yuan

Country Manager, Taiwan

Vance has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, and direct sales industries. He graduated from Taipei Medical University with a Bachelor of Science in June of 2000 before attending the Graduate Institute of Taipei Medical University to earn a Master of Science in pharmaceutics.

In 2003, Vance joined MSD Taiwan, a subsidiary of Merck, as a sales representative. In 2006, he stepped up to product manager. Then in 2009, he signed on with health and life sciences organization Sanofi as senior product manager. In May of 2014, he began working as Nu Skin’s education director for Greater China. Within a year, he was overseeing the marketing departments for both Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Vance joined Young Living in July of 2016, bringing with him a deep understanding of health products and global markets. He is devoted to leading Young Living Taiwan to greater success.

Vance is married, has a two-year-old son, and loves reading and traveling with his family and friends. His favorite Young Living product isJade Lemon Vitality™because of its unique flavor and because it originates from his home country of Taiwan.