Christmas Gift Guide 2023 - Promotion Ended

Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Embrace wellness this festive season with pure essential oil gifts that are sure to bring joy to the ones you love. Say thank you to those special people that matter most with gifts both big and small.

Welcome to Young Living’s Christmas Gift Guide, which is full of festive ideas to spoil the ones you love.

You’ll find something for everyone!

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Sets

Show your appreciation to loved ones with gifts both big and small

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Candy Cane
Wishes Collection

Candy Cane Wishes Collection

SKU: 46233
$96.95 WHSL | $127.55 RTL
45.75 PV

Candy Cane Wishes™
Body Butter

Candy Cane Wishes™ Body Butter

SKU: 44381
$52.80 WHSL | $69.45 RTL
25.00 PV

Candy Cane Wishes™
Body Scrub

Candy Cane Wishes™ Body Scrub

SKU: 44377
$49.20WHSL | $64.75 RTL
23.25 PV

WanderBliss Portable
Diffuser Bundle

WanderBliss Diffuser Bundle

SKU: 44929
$99.75 WHSL | $131.25 RTL
17.00 PV

Festive Dreams
Gift Set

Festive Dreams Gift Set

SKU: 46150
$85.70 WHSL | $112.75 RTL
30.00 PV

Holiday Favourites
Gift Set

Holiday Favourites Gift Set

SKU: 46151
$85.70 WHSL | $112.75 RTL
30.00 PV

Festive Home
Gift Set

Festive Home Gift Set

SKU: 46182
$103.50 WHSL | $136.25 RTL
35.00 PV

Gift Set

Inspiration Gift Set

SKU: 46223
$84.90.00 WHSL | $117.70 RTL
36.00 PV

Lift & Rest
Gift Set

Lift & Rest Gift Set

SKU: 46152
$78.30 WHSL | $103.05 RTL
30.00 PV

Beautiful You
Gift Set

Beautiful You Gift Set

SKU: 46149
$85.85 WHSL | $112.95 RTL
30.00 PV

Bloom Bright
Gift Set

Bloom Bright Gift Set

SKU: 46215
$118.60 WHSL | $156.10 RTL
50.00 PV

Balance Beauty
Gift Set

Balance Beauty Gift Set

SKU: 43255
$152.35 WHSL | $200.45 RTL
65.00 PV

Sprout the Puppy
Gift Set

Sprout Puppy Gift Set

SKU: 46162
$129.40 WHSL | $170.25 RTL
25.00 PV

Calm & Creative
Gift Set

Calm & Creative Gift Set

SKU: 43216
$107.55 WHSL | $141.50 RTL
50.00 PV

One by Young Living
Gift Set

One by Young Living Gift Set

SKU: 43274
$267.80 WHSL | $352.35 RTL
74.15 PV

Holiday Lip Balm

Holiday Lip Balm Collection

SKU: 46190
$42.50 WHSL | $55.95 RTL
10 PV

One Heart
Gift Set

One Heart Gift Set

SKU: 46222
$92.45 WHSL | $121.65 RTL
23.00 PV

Sweet Floral
Gift Set

Sweet Floral Gift Set

SKU: 46165
$95.20 WHSL | $125.25 RTL
35.00 PV

Christmas Spirit
Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

SKU: 31116
$23.55 WHSL | $31.00 RTL
13.65 PV

Christmas Spirit
Hand Soap - 3pk

Christmas Spirit Foaming Hand Soap - 3pk

SKU: 29909
$67.15 WHSL | $88.35 RTL
38.80 PV

Sweet Maple
Bath Bombs

Sweet Maple Bath Bombs

SKU: 38609
$57.90 WHSL | $76.20 RTL
26.00 PV

Peaceful Moments
Gift Set

Peaceful Moments Gift Set

SKU: 46224
$102.90 WHSL | $135.40 RTL
35.00 PV

Wanderful Portable
Diffuser Bundle

Wanderful Diffuser Bundle

SKU: 43722
$117.00 WHSL | $153.95 RTL
33.50 PV

Tropical Tango
Gift Set

Tropical Tango Gift Set

SKU: 46166
$38.00 WHSL | $50.00 RTL
15.00 PV

Stocking Stuffers

Show that you really care with thoughtful gifts that are great for the holiday season and all year round!

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Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil

Lavender Calming
Bath Bombs

Lavender Calming Bath Bombs

3 Wise Men
Essential Oil

3 Wise Men Essential Oil

Shutran™ 3-in-1
Men's Wash

Shutran™ 3-in-1 Men's Wash

Christmas Spirit™
Essential Oil

Christmas Spirit™ Essential Oil


Tranquil™ Roll-On

Body Butter

Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter

Lushious Lemon™
Essential Oil

Lushious Lemon Essential Oil

Lushious Lemon™
Hand Lotion

Lushious Lemon™ Hand Lotion


Aria™ Diffuser

Feelings Kit™
Essential Oils

Feelings Kit - Essential Oil Collection


Rainstone™ Diffuser

Everyday Oils
Essential Oil Collection

Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection

Lustre Artisan
Diffuser Set

Lustre Artisan Diffuser Set

Essential 7
Oil Collection

Essential 7 Oil Collection


Ember Diffuser

BLOOM Brightening Skin Care set

BLOOM Brightening Skin Care set

Lucia Artisan

Lucia Artisan Diffuser

Gift Box

Give your presents an extra-special touch this season

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Young Living
Gift Box

Young Living Gift Box

YL Gear Christmas catalogue


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AUS Promotion Period: 1:00 PM Wednesday 25th October 2023 to 11:59 PM Wednesday 31st January (AEDT) or while stocks last.
NZ Promotion Period: 3:00 PM Wednesday 25th October 2023 to 11:59 PM Wednesday 31st January (NZDT) or while stocks last.
Available on Standard Orders and Essential Rewards Orders ONLY. Not available on Essential Rewards Point Redemption Orders.
Available while stocks last.
Gift set discount varies per pack.
PV on gift sets is reduced to enable pack discount.
No order limit for each gift set.
Brand partner/retail customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with the order.
Offers are available to purchase on our website, through your Virtual Office, in Sydney and Perth Experience Centres or by contacting Member Services during the promotional period.
To order through Member Services, do so via email, phone or live chat.
To order on the Virtual Office: Log into your Young Living account, click on “Standard Orders” then underneath the “New & Featured” Section you will find the “Christmas Gift Guide 2023” category. You can also enter the item numbers in the Search bar and that will pull up each individual gift set. To place an Essential Rewards Order, log into your Young Living account, click on “Monthly ER Order” then you can use the item numbers provided to search and add to your order. Note: adding the item to your Monthly ER Order for a later processing date does not ensure it will be available once the order processes, as the item may sell out prior. Available for Australian and New Zealand wholesale brand partners and retail customers. This promotion is not available for NFR customers.
Order deadline to receive products and gift packs before Christmas: 8th December 2023.
Young Living is not responsible for shipping delays or outside influences that may affect the delivery of your order.