Labbeemint Partner Distillery

Introducing the Labbeemint Partner Distillery!

Many of you have heard the exciting news about our new partnership: the Labbeemint Partner Distillery, with roots in beautiful White Swan, Washington. We were thrilled to announce this at the Asia Pacific convention a few weeks ago in Malaysia, and we are eager to provide you with more information about our new partnership, as well as what it means for Young Living!
Labbeemint has been family-run since the 1940s, and like Young Living, they have always placed the needs of the people who choose their products above all else. Their commitment to quality falls right in line with our Seed to Seal® standard. As a market leader in high-quality mint essential oils, they have a strong background in mint cultivation that made them the perfect choice as our new primary supplier for peppermint.
Between Labbeemint’s warehouses, blending and distillation operations, and—of course—stunning locations with thousands of acres of fields, there are four Labbeemint locations in the northwestern United States, which means a more scaleable and sustainable source of quality mint oils for you. Like all of Young Living’s corporate-owned farms and partner suppliers, it is a direct resource. Labbeemint works directly with its farmers to deliver high-quality Mentha piperita. Our sourcing, farming, and research and development teams have spent extensive time working in the fields, distilleries, and quality assurance labs with this partner. As such, you’ll benefit from our combined expertise.
This partnership with Labbeemint is another landmark chapter in our Seed to Seal story. Like all our partners, Labbeemint was eager to embrace our Partnership Principles, primarily because they mirrored or enhanced the assurances they already use to ensure a pristine product at every point in their own supply chain. Because we require each of our partner suppliers to adhere to these rigorous standards, we know that every Young Living essential oil you use aligns with our industry-leading quality commitment.
Now that Labbeemint is our main supplier of peppermint, you’ll begin to see the northwestern United States-sourced essential oil in your order. Because we are sourcing from this new location, you may notice a slight variation in the aroma from previous bottles, as differences in environment, weather, and soil influence the flavor and scent of the botanical. This concept may already be familiar, thanks to foods like chocolate or honey, whose taste and aroma is also distinctly influenced by location.
This new relationship bolsters our longstanding commitment to the purest essential oils and to sourcing from the world’s most reputable growers. As we continue to write our Seed to Seal story, Labbeemint will serve, chapter and verse, as the model for partners and suppliers who care as much about the environment, the people, and the final product as we do.
We’re thrilled about our new partnership; please join us in celebrating the great news!