Featured Events

Transformation Symposium

March 9-10th, 2019
You would not want to miss any hour of the 2-day training. Each uniquely qualified and skilled in their chosen topics, we are thrilled to have this panel of distinguished speakers lend their expertise and contribute to a distinctively transformative experience for all attendees

Training With Kai Tan

February 20th, 2019
Leadership Training with the theme "Building Culture for Strong and Reliable Network" will be present in Jakarta! The training that will be attended by Kai Tan (Young Living Crown Diamond Leader) will discuss about the importance of building culture as the basis of a stable business while helping to shape the right attitudes and emotions in your team.

RDT Workshop Surabaya

February 16th, 2019
Raindrop Technique Workshop will coming to Surabaya! With Indri Melanie, YLID Training Assistant Manager, you will be guided & practice Raindrop Technique directly!