A Scientific Look at Seed to Seal

Young Living essential oils are known throughout the world for their purity, quality, and potency—but that’s not the whole story. Our oils start with high quality seeds planted in nutrient-rich soil that grow into strong, potent botanicals. We work with the finest nature has to offer, holding it to our Seed to Seal® standard and ensuring it meets that standard through a series of rigorous tests.
We invite you to experience a behind-the-scenes look at the Seed to Seal process. From Young Living’s first lavender farm in Mona, Utah, to our state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facility in Spanish Fork, Utah, this series of videos will allow you to experience Seed to Seal from a rarely seen perspective.
We start our journey at our farm in Mona, Utah. In this video, Young Living’s Chief Operating Officer, Jared Turner, walks us through a plant’s life on the farm. Our first round of tests begins with the seeds, the plants they grow into, and after distillation—essential oil.
During a tour of the Research and Development (R&D) lab in Lehi, Utah, Michael Buch, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development and Product Management, gives insight into how we scientifically measure the purity and quality of our essential oils. He also demonstrates the most common tests used to determine if a product meets Young Living’s Seed to Seal standard.
Michael Buch, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research & Development and Product Management, explains how the Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) instrument tests essential oils for purity. He demonstrates how it is an invaluable part of validating our Seed to Seal commitment.

Young Living takes great pride in every step of the Seed to Seal process. We welcome you to visit this page often and experience new behind-the-scenes videos, featuring our processes that ensure every product we bring to your home meets our highest standards.

Discover even more about the Seed to Seal promise at SeedtoSeal.com.