Essential Rewards

The Essential Rewards Programme

Make sure you’re never without your must-have Young Living products! Take advantage of the convenience of Young Living’s Essential Rewards subscription programme that delivers your favourite products each month hassle-free from our door to yours. Available exclusively to Young Living brand partners, this loyalty subscription programme is packed with benefits.
Learn more, subscribe, and start saving!

Easy Monthly Shipments

Enjoy the convenience of automatic monthly shipments with your Young Living Essential Rewards subscription. Just set up your customised order and kick back as all your favourite products are sent right to your doorstep, month after month.

Discounted Shipping

Essential Rewards orders qualify for discounted shipping rates. Reduced shipping options are available and vary in price based on weight and shipping method. Please visit the Virtual Office for the exact rates which apply to your country.

Exclusive Rewards Points

Earn points toward future purchases with every Essential Rewards order. As your months subscribed to Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards! For example, place a 50 PV Essential Rewards order in your first three months and earn 5 points each month to redeem for free products. The more you order with your subscription, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

Exclusive Loyalty Gifts

Earn gifts available only to brand partners of the Essential Rewards programme when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders over 50 PV. Get rewarded when you consecutively order for 3, 6, and 9 months—and beyond. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive blend after your 12th consecutive month!
Simply subscribe to Essential Rewards this month and you could start earning these amazing oils:
3 consecutive months

Depending on stock availability

Tangerine+ 5ml


Lemongrass 5ml
6 consecutive months
Young Living Purification®
Young Living Purification® 5ml
9 consecutive months
Tea Tree
Tea Tree 15ml
12 consecutive months
Loyalty* blend 5ml
*Loyalty is a special blend formulated by Founder of Young Living and the modern-day essential oils movement D. Gary Young specifically for Essential Rewards brand partners!

If a loyalty gift is out of stock, Young Living will substitute the loyalty gift for a product of similar retail value.

Get Started

To manage your Essential Rewards subscription order, simply log in to Virtual Office or contact Member Services , where a live operator can assist you.

Essential Rewards FAQ

Essential Rewards points are one of the ways we love to give back to Young Living Distributors! When you subscribe to the Essential Rewards programme, not only do you get your monthly order shipped to you automatically, but you also get to enjoy points that can be used towards your favourite products, discounted shipping and loyalty gifts for consecutive orders. To help you get started, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Essential Rewards subscription programme:


You can subscribe in one of three easy ways:
Join the Essential Rewards subscription programme during the process of signing up as a new Distributor or visit the Essential Rewards webpage and follow the “Subscribe now!” link, or complete and sign the form found in the Virtual Office under ‘Brand Partner’ and email to us. Please note, the form must be completed and signed by the account holder.

Yes. You can change the items any time until 12 a.m. (midnight), GMT/BST, on your processing date, which is determined by you when you subscribe to the programme.

Yes. You can make changes to your Essential Rewards subscription order online at any time until 12 a.m. (midnight), GMT/BST, on your processing date, which is determined by you when you subscribe to the programme.

If you would like to learn more about how to change your ER order online, please watch this how-to video on our YouTube Channel.

No. Your processing date is the date on which your Essential Rewards order is placed based on your current Essential Rewards template. Your order will ship after this processing date.

No. All Essential Rewards subscription cancellations must be over the phone or email with one of our helpful Member Services agents.

Yes. The Essential Rewards programme offers rewards for shipments that process each month. Earning loyalty gifts and rewards points, and maintaining higher rewards points percentages are contingent upon placing consecutive orders.

The option to select a grace month is no longer available within the Virtual Office. Brand Partners will not be able to select this option online. To receive one grace month in a rolling 12 month period, a brand partner must call Member Services.

Earning Gifts

When you automatically place consecutive Essential Rewards subscription orders, you can earn exclusive gifts. You’ll qualify for these gifts after you place consecutive Essential Rewards subscription orders for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. After 12 months, you’ll receive gifts after every additional 12 months of consecutive orders.

The gifts will be added automatically to the next processed Essential Rewards subscription order after qualifying. For example, if a brand partner reaches their third month in November, the gift for the third month would be added to the Essential Rewards subscription order in December, i.e. month four. In this example, if the brand partner did not place a qualifying Essential Rewards order in month four, they would not receive the three-month loyalty gift.

A qualifying Essential Rewards order must be a minimum of 50 PV. Standard orders (Quick orders) do not count towards the required monthly Essential Rewards order 50 PV minimum. Placing a Standard order without placing a qualifying Essential Rewards order in the same month will reset your consecutive Essential Rewards participation to zero.

No. You can only earn each gift one time. For example, you might earn the three-month gift and later cancel your subscription to Essential Rewards. If you subscribe to Essential Rewards again, the next gift you’ll be eligible for will be the six-month gift, not a second three-month gift. If you cancel your Essential Rewards subscription the month after you’ve earned a gift, the gift will come with your next processed Essential Rewards subscription order, should you choose to subscribe to the programme again.

For Europe, the loyalty gifts are as follows:

3-month gift: Tangerine+ essential oil food supplement, 5 ml
6-month gift: Young Living Purification® essential oil, 5 ml
9-month gift: Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml
12-month gift: Loyalty, a special blend formulated by Young Living Founder, D. Gary Young specifically for qualifying Essential Rewards brand partners!

If a loyalty gift is out of stock, Young Living will substitute the loyalty gift for a product of similar retail value.

Earning Points

You will receive points based on a percentage of your PV for each Essential Rewards subscription order. The percentage you receive depends on how many months you have consecutively placed Essential Rewards subscription orders. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn in a month.

1-3 months: 10 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV
4-24 months: 20 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV
25+ months: 25 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV

You can find this information by visiting the Virtual Office.

Yes. Your monthly order in Europe must be at least 50 PV to qualify.

Redeeming Points

You can redeem your points online by logging in your Virtual Office and clicking on “Details” tab next to your points balance. Select “Shop To Redeem Points Now” and to open the online catalogue and browse for your preferred products. Essential Rewards points can be redeemed after placing 2 consecutive Essential Rewards Orders. Kindly note, that you cannot redeem Essential Rewards points with an Essential Rewards order. More information on points redemption can be found in your Virtual Office on the Essential Rewards webpage or please click here for a video demo on how to redeem your Essential Rewards points.

You can redeem up to 375 points each month.

If you cancel your subscription, you forfeit all unused Essential Rewards points. You must contact Member Services to cancel your subscription. Your monthly subscription to the programme, if resumed, will accumulate points again at the 10 percent level.

No. You forfeit any points earned on products that you later return.

You earn points the minute your subscription order is shipped. You can redeem points any time after placing two consecutive qualifying Essential Rewards orders.

The majority of products have a PV value. Essential Rewards points are earned based on the PV value of your Essential Rewards order. For example, if in month one you place an ER order of 100 PV, you will receive 10 Essential Rewards points. You will accrue Essential Rewards points with your monthly Essential Rewards orders. For example, if you would like to redeem your points for Peppermint 15 ml which has a PV value of 22 PV, you will require 22 Essential Rewards points.

When redeeming points, please refer to the PV amount rather than the currency value. For example, if you have 50 points, you can redeem them for eligible products with a PV value up to 50. Essential Rewards points can only be redeemed for products with full PV values. All items marked with a flag in the Virtual Office catalogue are available for purchase with Rewards points. Some items, such as promotional items, may not be available for purchase using Essential Rewards points. Other exclusions may apply.

Please note, our standard 90-day returns policy does not apply to Essential Rewards points redemption orders, unless the product is faulty.

Promotional products are not eligible for purchase with Essential Rewards points. Essential Rewards kits, Starter Kits (both Basic and Premium) and selected products are not eligible for purchase with Rewards points, and some products are restricted for a time after they first launch. All items marked with a flag in the Virtual Office catalogue are available for purchase with Rewards points. Please contact Member Services if you have questions about specific items.

Yes. Unused points expire on a 12-month rolling basis, meaning they expire 12 months from when they were earned. Please check the summary page in the Virtual Office to find out how many points you have.

With millions of brand partners worldwide, we know that many of our brand partners travel the world to share Young Living. So what if you want to redeem your Essential Rewards (ER) points while visiting another market? Here are some guidelines to help you plan ahead and make sure you always have your YL favourites, no matter where your journey may take you:

  • To redeem ER points in a market that is not your home market, you must be present in the market, and you may not redeem ER points on behalf of another brand partner.
  • The market you are visiting may limit quantities or restrict products that you can redeem ER points for.
  • You will be allowed to place only two orders per month with ER points and can redeem only up to 125 ER points total per month in any market other than your home market. If you redeem 125 points on your first order, a second order will not be allowed.


No, you cannot pay for shipping using your Rewards points. Shipping prices are outlined in the shipping policies located in the Virtual Office, on the final page of our pricelists.


Yes, the account holder may cancel their Essential Rewards subscription by telephone. They can also do so by contacting our Member Services team by email.


Participation requires subscription to receive a regular monthly order worth at least 50 PV. Young Living reserves the right to exclude any unavailable item(s).

You will not earn PV on products purchased with Essential Rewards points. Points can be redeemed on full PV product only. Some items, such as promotional items, may not be available for purchase using Essential Rewards points. Other exclusions may apply. Brand partners are responsible for shipping, handling and any applicable shipping tax. The cancellation of any Essential Rewards order or programme subscription forfeits all unused Essential Rewards points and resets the monthly participation in the subscription programme to zero. Points earned on any returned product will be forfeited.

Discounted shipping rates are not applicable on Essential Rewards point redemption orders.

Months subscribed to Essential Rewards must be consecutive. Month one begins at the time of subscription. Points cannot be redeemed until a brand partner has subscribed to Essential Rewards for two consecutive months. Brand partners can redeem up to 375 points per month. Points will expire on a rolling 12-month basis, meaning you can use them for 12 months from the month you earned them. If you cancel your Essential Rewards subscription, you forfeit all points. Redeem points by calling Member Services at +44 (0) 20 3935 9000 or logging in to Virtual Office.