YLJ FAQ in English2022-04-11T16:09:39+09:00

If you have any questions or problems other than the FAQ, please contact us here.​
Please allow 1-3 business days for a reply. We greatly appreciate your patience .

What types of membership do you have?2020-12-21T14:07:35+09:00

A. There are three types of membership available in Japan.
Shopping Membership…Retail customers pay full retail price for all Young Living products.
Premium Membership… As a loyal customer, you can purchase Young Living products at the same discount as a Sharing Member.
Sharing Membership…Enjoy 37 percent off retail pricing on your favorite products. Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions just by sharing Young Living.

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Please send a Welcome Pack or a Gaiyoshomen book (Summary Document) to a prospect.2021-02-05T19:03:19+09:00

Please fill out the request form here.

Quick order​ *Foreign registration member only ​ *Japan member can place an order through the Virtual Office.2022-04-11T16:05:33+09:00

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I want to transfer my membership to Japan.2022-04-11T16:06:54+09:00

If you have any credits left in the original region, be sure to use them before you transfer your account to Japan.

Please agree to the following before submitting a request form.
*Credit is not accepted in Japan.
*A bank account is required.

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Where can I get the most recent price list?2020-12-22T12:29:37+09:00

Please check here.

I want to stop YL Otokubin(Essential Rewards).2020-12-17T22:17:50+09:00

We recommend you to exchange your points before the cancellation of YL Otokubin.
If you don’t need the points, please let us know as you fill out the form for cancellation of YL Otoku-bin.

Please fill out the request form here.

How can I use my YL Otokubin(Essential Rewards) points?2020-12-17T19:07:37+09:00

Place your order from “Quick Order” and use your points for payments.
*General orders and point redemption orders can be combined in one order.

How to order the point redemption order yourself via the virtual office
1. enter through “Quick Order”.
2. you can’t pay for shipping by cash on delivery via the virtual office. Please send a email order request. A cash on delivery fee is also charged.

Enter through “Quick Order”

Click on Essential Rewards Point

The product you can redeem points for is shown in the box and you can click ✅ for the product you want. You cannot select only one of the products for redemption if you want to buy multiple copies of one product.

The amount of the product you selected to redeem points will be deducted and you can proceed to payment.

My bonus has not been transferred.2020-12-17T22:19:05+09:00

Please fill out the request form here.

Tell us about current month promotion.2020-12-22T12:30:34+09:00

Please check the details here

What is “Gaiyoshomen”?2020-12-15T18:14:42+09:00

Before registering, you must receive a written summary (Gaiyoshomen) from the referrer and be explained on important information as required by law.
As for a new member(an applicant) who sign up through the online, He/She needs to get the Gaiyoshomen number that is included in the registration pack. Since the online sign up requires it.
He/She will be able to find it in the front cover of Gaiyoshomen book.

As for a new member(an applicant) who sign up as paper base, In the Application form there is a box to fill in the Gaiyoshomen number.
Enclose both the Sharing Member Application Form and the Order Form together in the return envelope, then mail it to Young Living Japan.