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Orange Blossom Facial Wash: Uses and Benefits

These extreme weather conditions can sometimes cause a variety of skin problems and requiring extra care. That is why Young Living’s Orange Blossom Facial Wash™ is the perfect way to start and end your day. With an abundance of phytonutrients, Orange Blossom Facial Wash gently removes the impurities of daily living and any remaining makeup. The following list includes a few active ingredients and their benefits:

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You Glow! 7 Best Essential Oils for Your Skin and Face

We have got helpful tips on how to get a gorgeous glow no matter what your skin type. Learn which oils are the best to use in your unique skin care routine and add them to create a lux moisturizer that complements your complexion. Check out our top seven essential oils—and nine honorable mentions—then enter our giveaway at the end of the post to win one of these oils for yourself!

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