Aurora Borealis Meditation with Northern Lights Black Spruce Fluorite Crystal.

We know how you always want to create positive impacts for your family, society, and self. The thing is you can only create manifest positive things from the place of high-vibrational energies. Yes, we are talking about your state of mind, emotions, and spirituality – the magicians behind your awesome presence and manifestations. More and more individuals, organizations, schools included, have realized the importance of daily meditation because as multidimensional beings, we don’t only have to take care of our physical body, but the whole energy bodies, too, all the way to the outermost layer.

NLBS Energizing Set

This time, we’d like to invite you to an inspiring, balancing, and energizing meditation that involves two of the most beautiful gifts of nature: our magical Northern Lights Black Spruce and a single-terminated Fluorite crystal. So, dim the light, silence your phone, get into your favorite meditative position, and let’s begin.

Northern Lights Black Spruce

Northern Light Black Spruce

Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil comes from the Northern Lights Farm. Tucked away in the isolated boreal forests of British Columbia, Canada. Our black spruce treetops share a very romantic dance with the wondrous Aurora Borealis whilst keeping their roots strong into the mineral-rich soil. No wonder this essential oil vibrates super-high frequency, much above the empress of the essential oil herself – Rose. Northern Lights Black Spruce bears the energy of above and below, restoring your body, mind, and soul back to balance. Before meditation, rub the oil on your feet, along your spine all the way to the base of your skull, and put a tiny drop on top of your head.

Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite crystal looks like a crystallized Aurora Borealis and works well to balance heart, throat, and third eye chakras. In the single-terminated shape – a six-sided obelisk – Fluorite can be your new meditation booster.  Its properties, enhanced by the shape, helps to cleanse and balance auras, as well as increase focus and concentration. Hold the crystal in your left hand to receive its energy, right hand to send out its energy into the world. Or in both hands to increases your spiritual experience during meditation.

Do you know that your plants perk up around single-terminated crystals? Stick your Fluorite into the soil near your plants. Maybe you will soon pick up the joyous feeling emanated by your plants.