Journey of Nurul Afzan Mat Toni
“All your dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue” – Afzan.
Discover the story of Afzan’s inspiring journey with Young Living Essential Oils on how she achieves her dream in personal and business growth in Young Living.
Journey of Angel Chong
“Live your life the way you want it.” – Angel.
Discover the story of Angel’s journey in her baby steps on building her success with Young Living’s purpose driven and family focused business.
Journey of Penny Choong
“What you if you can have health, and build a career around it.” - Penny
Unveil the story of Penny’s journey from discovering wellness to building a business of like-minded community with Young Living.
Journey of Sabrina Tan
“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.” - Sabrina
From strangers to a team, discover Sabrina’s inspiring story on how she build her second family and support system with Young Living amidst of life challenges.
Journey of Sarini Bujang
“Strength and growth will only come through continuous effort and struggles.” - Sarini
From sharing the goodness of products to earning with purpose, discover how Sarini’s story grows from challenges into passion with Young Living.
Journey of Wan Normajidah
“I believe the purpose of life is to be useful, compassionate, and to make a difference.” – Wan Jiey
Wan Jiey’s inspiring journey as a mother of special need child with the support from nature’s living energy and empowering lives with Young Living.