Palo Santo

Palo Santo comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense. The bark from the Palo Santo tree is traditionally burned in South America helping to clear negative energies. This lemon and minty top note can be inhaled directly from the bottle to enhance spiritual connection while meditating. Even its Spanish name reflects how highly this oil is regarded: Palo Santo means "holy wood" or "sacred wood."

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How To Use

  • Inhalation: Gently breathe in this restorative scent.
  • Beauty: Add a few drops to coconut oil, applying to dry areas for ultimate nourishment.
  • Bathing: Add 6-8 drops to a hot bath for an aromatic experience.
  • Massage: Add a few drops into 10 ml of Young Living V-6® Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex for a restorative massage.
  • Perfume: Blends well with Pine, Bergamot or Tea Tree.


Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)* oil.

May contain: Limonene**, Linalool**.

*100% pure essential oil.
**Natural constituents of essential oils.