Motivation essential oil blend has an enlivening aroma, enriched with Roman Chamomile, Black Spruce and Ylang Ylang, to help propel you toward your goals and conquer any obstacles in your path. Embrace this sweet and herbaceous scent to inspire newfound confidence and determination as you pursue your dreams and chase success.

Simply apply into a spray bottle filled with water, lightly spritzing onto your hair and body for a delightful pick-me-up. Believe in the power of your dreams, applying a few drops into your go-to body balm for a skin-loving treat. Jumpstart your day, setting goals with newfound confidence and courage with your Motivation blend!

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How To Use

Inhalation: Gently inhale when you’re in need of a boost of motivation.

Beauty: Apply a few drops into your go-to body balm for a skin-loving treat.

Perfume: Add a few drops of this sweet and herbaceous offering to your pulse points.


Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis)* flower oil, Black Spruce (Picea mariana)* leaf oil, Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)* flower oil, Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia)* oil.

May contain: Benzyl alcohol**, Benzyl benzoate**, Benzyl salicylate**, Citronellol**, Coumarin**, Eugenol**, Farnesol**, Geraniol**, Isoeugenol**, Limonene**, Linalool**.

*100% pure essential oil.
**Natural constituents of essential oils.