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The NEW Standard in Clean Beauty – The Savvy Minerals Difference

Today, despite a rise in the Clean Beauty Movement, which focuses on ridding cosmetics of potentially harmful products, there are still plenty of troublesome ingredients saturating the industry and hiding in product labels, prioritising vivid pigments and harsh, synthetic fragrances over the benefits of the naturally-derived, cruelty-free standards that we hold at Young Living Essential Oils®. Our Savvy Minerals® line strives to let your favourite features shine without any compromise on ingredients, providing responsibly sourced, paraben and phthalate free, and essential oil-infused products in a wide range of shades. Dive into our range of products and put together a make-up bag that includes everything needed to create stunning looks to be worn on every occasion.

Buildable, non-cakey and providing long-lasting, all-day wear, this make-up range can help enhance your natural beauty by minimising the appearance of pores, and soothing and refreshing the skin. We believe that it’s just as important for your make-up to condition and look after your skin as it is for it to help elevate your radiance. This is what helps Savvy Minerals by Young Living® stand out from the crowd. We are leaders in the wellness industry and are passionate about our calling – we’ll never stop making sustainable, naturally-sourced cosmetics.

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Responsibly Sourced
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