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  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil

What You Should Know About Carrot Seed Essential Oil

In Young Living’s garden of oils, you’ll find Carrot Seed essential oil. Its rich aroma is reminiscent of Grandma’s backyard garden—sweet, earthy, and complex. We’re excited to share the benefits of Carrot Seed and how it’ll bring joy into your life. But first, let’s clear up the confusion between Carrot Seed essential oil and Carrot oil.

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  • peace and calming essential oil blend uses

7 Ways Peace & Calming Essential Oil Lives Up to Its Name

Finally live the life you want to live. This list explains what our Peace & Calming® essential oil blend is used for, as well as some recipes and helpful tips on how it can help you solve some everyday problems. Whether you want to create a more inviting home, implement a restful bedtime routine, or just find a way to live in the moment, Peace & Calming can help you to get there!

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  • eucalyptus essential oil eucalyptus

How to Use Young Living’s Three Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The sharp, refreshing aroma of Eucalyptus essential oil is a familiar one, even to those who are new to exploring essential oils. Spas, yoga studios, and even high-end hair salons have used the distinct and delightful scent for decades to welcome guests into relaxation. Young Living offers three different varieties of Eucalyptus as single oils and in proprietary blends.

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