How Young Living Delivers the Purest Essential Oils

40 September 21, 2016 - Essential Oils, Infographics, Science, Seed to Seal

We know quality is something you can measure and quantify, so at every step of our process, we do just that. From the first time we hold a seed of a botanical—like melissa, shown below—to the final bottling, we test to make sure you’re getting the pure essential oils you expect from us. It’s how we deliver on our Seed to Seal promise.

Young Living Essential Oils Infographic - Melissa - Seed to Seal - Scientific tests


How do you share the Seed to Seal promise? Tell us in the comments!

  • denise stark

    How can I share some of these on facebook?

    • Hey Denise! There are several ways, but I think the easiest is to simply copy the link for the blog page that you want and then paste it into your Facebook post. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Colin McArthur

    Hearing Gary talk about the Brix testing at this years Canadian Convention was really fascinating. I chose Young Living because of the Seed to Seal process but hearing Gary discuss the level of detail pertaining to just one of the many phases of the whole process was incredible. Young Living just blows me away with their level of commitment and experience.

  • Anita Kuhn Carria

    I would love to share it on my FB Young Living page and on my own fb page. I have friends that sell other essential oils and this process makes the difference. They often ask for products their companies do not sell and some they do. Knowing this process is valuable.

  • It was this process PLUS the fact that Young Living owns their own farms that helped my wife and I to support them. Thank you for your dedication to us Young Living!

  • Suzi

    I am new to YOUNG Living and wanting to present on Seed to Seal. I will be using this as my script. PERFECT amundo. Tx

  • Seed to Seal is a key component to my Introductory class. Quality verified by a knowledgeable, diligent & vigilant laboratory team assures me that I can count on the essential oils from Young Living to be the very best. This is YL’s Promise. YL delivers on its promise! I carry a key chain that says Seed to Seal on it. Although people don’t necessarily notice my key ring, I do ~ & it reminds me to continue to talk about it when sharing about these highly effective EOs!

  • Brandie Liggett

    I give potential customers my experience of researching which EO company was best before I began buying oils. Then I send them videos and articles like this one! Thank you for this lovely information. 😁

  • Amanda G Leigh

    I only TRUST and Believe in YLEO!! THANK YOU all for giving us the best on the market!!

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