Feather the Owl 儿童超声波扩香机

谁爱精油? 当然是Feather the Owl 猫头鹰! 可爱的森林小帮手可帮忙转换卧室,游戏室和育婴室,摇身一变成为充满活力的创意空间以及甜蜜的梦乡。



它也预设了5种白噪声,即雨声、鸟鸣、海浪、风扇和摇篮曲,游戏放松两相宜。 除此以外,简单的触控式开关与灯光运转,小孩也能使用。



  • Diffuse Young Living’s KidScents essential oil blends in your little one’s room or play area:
    • SleepyIze™ to help children unwind and relax as part of a nighttime routine
    • SniffleEase™ to help inspire calm breathing
    • GeneYus™ for concentrating on projects or schoolwork
  • Use your choice of Feather’s white-noise options to drown out the outside noises that keep your little one from sleeping soundly through the night.
  • Select the lullaby white-noise option to create the perfect story-time ambiance.
  • Select any light option to fit your child’s mood or favorite color.