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Start, share, and succeed with Young Living

New starter bundles, greater rewards! 


Start your wellness journey

What started as a spark of curiosity can soon grow into a passion for living a life of wellness and abundance—and a desire to ignite that passion in others! 

As you set off to experience wellness, purpose, and abundance, we’re rolling out brand-new Young Living starter bundles to help you on your way. Whether you’re after whole-body harmony or you’re switching out those harsh household chemicals for the power of premium essential oils, we have a bundle for that!

Where will your wellness journey take you?

When you partner with Young Living, starting on your path to personal wellness is as easy as one, two, three.

Step 1: Define your goal.

Are you looking for whole-body harmony, a harmonious home, or both?

Step 2: Pick a bundle that supports your goal.
Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle

Shop from Young Living’s top shelf with our Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle. Stock your shelves with these oil all-stars—they’re hand-selected to get you started on your journey.

Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle

Snag a Thieves® Home Loyalty Bundle, the starter bundle that includes everything Thieves! Make the switch to a happy, healthy home that’s free of harsh chemicals and safe for the whole family.

Step 3: Unbox and you’re on your way.

Place your order, unbox your starter bundle, and get going!

Your journey to wellness, purpose, and abundance starts now!

Not only do these bundles start you off on your Young Living journey, but they also get you started on the right foot with Loyalty Rewards, our simple perks program that earns you points you can use like cash toward Young Living products. Loyalty Rewards brings you a convenient monthly order and comes packed with other perks.
Brand Partners can earn even more
Run up the score with a $25 Starter Bonus whenever you enroll a new Customer or Brand Partner who orders their own starter bundle!


Start strong with Fast Start

You’ve made the jump and started on your wellness journey! With your perfect starter bundle in hand, you’re ready for even greater rewards as you share your passion for Young Living with others.

Pay yourself back as you invest in wellness

Sharing wellness is the gift that keeps on giving! As you personally enroll new Customers or Brand Partners to join you on your journey, you’ll earn back up to 50 percent of what they order during their first month.

First month: Fast Start rewards

When you focus on helping two new people start their journey toward wellness, purpose, and abundance, it can really give you a boost during those exciting first months as a Brand Partner.
For example, you enroll Carrie, who orders the Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle for a 100 PV loyalty order. You earn:
$25 Starter Bundle Bonus
$50 Fast Start Bonus (50% of order)
Then you enroll Naari, who orders the loyalty order-eligible Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle for a 100 PV loyalty order. You earn:
$25 Starter Bundle Bonus
$50 Fast Start Bonus (50% of order)

Together, they net you $150, helping you cover the cost of your starter bundle. All it takes is helping two people along on their wellness journey.

With 50 percent back, calculated off the PV value of your enrollees’ orders, the more they purchase, the more you earn—with unlimited earning potential!

How do you reach the first two? Try the RISE Sharing System

Reach out: Seek opportunities to connect.
Inspire: Share your story, especially your “why.”
Suggest: Recommend your favorites.
Enroll and follow up: Show them how to get their own.


The road to success is simpler than ever

Now is the time to continue growing your community by inspiring and empowering others to do the same. Remember, it takes only two new enrollees to grow each month!

Know someone you’d like to experience wellness, purpose, and abundance? When we rise, we help others rise with us. That’s why our updated Fast Start Bonus will help you stay excited and energized during those first months as you hit your stride.

Fast Start: Months two and three rewards

As you ignite your life by empowering others, you begin to live your passion and turn that passion into earnings. Even after your enrollees have passed their first month, you can still receive generous rewards on their orders, up to 25 percent during their second and third months.

Earn additional perks with Loyalty Rewards

To keep up the thrill of those first months as a Brand Partner, we’re adding another reward: a free Desert Mist™ Diffuser for your enrollee when they place a second 50+ PV Loyalty Rewards order. Plus, you’ll also earn free loyalty gifts when you place ongoing Loyalty Rewards orders of 50+ PV of your own. For the first year, you’ll earn a gift at three, six, and nine months, and then at your one-year mark—and every year mark thereafter.

Continue to focus on two to grow

Focus on signing up two new enrollees each month with a starter bundle to continue earning your Fast Start Bonus and your $25 Starter Bundle Bonus. These bonuses will stack up along with any additional commissions you earn under the Sales Compensation Plan.

As you continue to share and impact the lives of others by sharing Young Living’s products and community, you’ll light a path for others to follow.

Ready to start your wellness journey?

Get tools to help you succeed!

*The Brand Partner sales earnings disclosed are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Brand Partner can or will earn through the Young Living Sales Compensation Plan. A Brand Partner’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort, sales skill and market conditions. Young Living does not guarantee any income or rank success. See the  Income Disclosure Statement for detailed earnings information per rank.