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Our Quality Commitment for a Healthier, Happier Everyday

Seed to Seal isn't just a process. It's a promise.

From start to finish, we take our sourcing, science, and standards to ensure you get meticulously made, potent essentials oils and products that can replace harsh checmicals in your day-to-day life. Together, let's be part of a healthier planet, one small change and one simple swap at a time.

Selective Sourcing

Each one of our essential oils products comes from our own farms and a gobal network of trusted partner farms and Seed to Seal-verified suppliers

Innovative Science

As trailblazers in the essential oil world, we've dedicated decades to perfecting the art of crafting, researching, and rigorously testing our products.

Pioneering Standards

We don't just set high standards-we keep pushing them higher to bring you quality you can trust and results you can feel.