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Young Living Essential Oils Announces Aromatic Plant Herbarium Official Registration With New York Botanical Garden

LEHI, Utah, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Young Living, the world's leader in essential oils, today announced its Young Living Essential Oils Aromatic Plant Herbarium (YLAH) has been officially registered with the New York Botanical Garden. The YLAH is an invaluable resource for the housing and research of botanical specimens, especially of aromatic plants. Herbaria establish a record of how various plants adapt and evolve over both time and geography. Plants adapt and evolve for many reasons, including both biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) influences or factors. This plant record is especially important now with the ever-increasing impact human activity has on the environment. Having an herbarium that tracks traditional data (taxonomy, location, time) and aromatic profiles of each specimen provides a unique dataset for the scientific community. The YLAH contains 100 specimens that span across 25 different plant families, and 20% of its specimens are from the mint family, including spearmint, catmint, basil, and rosemary, among others. The specimens have been gathered from all over the world, such as ylang from Madagascar, blue tansy from Morocco, and bitter orange from Tunisia. Officially recognized herbaria are crucial for building a scientific network for botanical research. Though there are 3,000 herbaria registered throughout the world, only a handful focus on aromatic plants, and the YLAH is the first aromatic herbarium located in North America. Official registration with the New York Botanical Garden allows for Young Living's herbarium to expand the scientific network for botanical research. All botanical specimens submitted to Young Living's herbarium contain basic information showing the identification of the specimen as well as its aromatic profile, linking traditional taxonomy research with chemotyping, laying the foundation for novel phenotype and genotype research. "This official registration of the YLAH is important to preserve the properties of plants for research and act as a definitive source of information for those within the scientific community," said Young Living chief science officer, Dr. Michael Buch. "Our herbarium is just one more way Young Living leads the scientific community in the research and preservation of aromatic plants and essential oils." To learn more about Young Living's herbarium, see here.

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