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Young Living Issued 17 Utility and Design Patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Leading essential oils and essential oil-based product provider Young Living now holds the greatest number of essential oil production patents in the global direct sales industry. To mark this accomplishment, the company has launched an updated Science is in Our Nature web page with the purpose of providing educational information about its patents and innovations.

"Patents protect our ongoing innovations and discoveries, giving Young Living, our Brand Partners, and our employees a competitive advantage by safeguarding the work we do best."


Young Living, the world leader in essential oils and essential oil-infused products, has set a new world record: The company has now been issued 17 essential oil production patents in utility and design by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office — more than any other direct sales company in the world.

Young Living Founder D. Gary Young is listed as an inventor on 14 of Young Living’s 17 patents, with Mary Young, current CEO, listed as a co-inventor on 4 of the 14 patents. The company also has numerous other patents currently pending, and its products are cited on an additional 14 patent applications filed by third parties.

Young Living holds patents on a range of processes, products, and designs, including:

  • Blue Spruce essential oil: Two patents for a useful composition of Blue Spruce essential oil. The composition includes essential oils from a tree of the genus Picea or a product of this oil. The essential oil product can specifically come from essential oil from the plant Picea pungens, commonly referred to as blue spruce. 

    U.S. Patent No. 9,066,904 B2 and 9,675,653 B2.

  • Dietary supplement: One patent for a dietary supplement composition that includes omega-3 fatty acids, one or more tocopherols and tocotrienols, and one or more essential oil. 

    U.S. Patent No. 9,211,277 B2.

  • Distillation system: One patent for apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products involved in a distillation system. 

    U.S. Patent No. 10,000,723 B2.

  • Liquid diffusers: Multiple patents involving liquid diffusers and their apparatuses, systems, and designs.

  • Massaging roller-ball application: Multiple patents for massaging roller-ball application for topical oils.

To mark the occasion, the company has launched an updated Science is in Our Nature web page. Created to educate Young Living’s Customers and Brand Partners about its patented products and innovations, the new page offers insight into how patents help protect Young Living’s innovation to develop the essential oils industry.

The page includes information about the two types of patents Young Living holds: utility patents — which are issued to those who invent or discover a new process, composition, method, or machine — and design patents — which protect a distinctive decoration or design.

“Pioneering new technologies and processes is in Young Living’s nature as the world leader in essential oils,” said Mark Bartlett Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Science and Product Development at Young Living. “Patents protect our ongoing innovations and discoveries, giving Young Living, our Brand Partners, and our employees a competitive advantage by safeguarding the work we do best. We’re excited to advance the conversation about the important role patents play here at Young Living in the essential oils industry.”

In addition to its current patents, the scientists with Young Living’s Research and Development team continue developing proprietary methods and compositions that will result in future patents for its innovative products as part of the company’s mission to bring the goodness of the earth and its plants into homes around the world.

To learn more about Young Living’s patents, listen to this episode of its podcast, The YL Drop.

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